Bienvenue à Versailles, France

"Enhanced by the hands of the notorious Louis XIV..."

Words cannot even begin to describe the utmost beauty of the city of Versailles and Château de Versailles...

Initiating by becoming the seat of monarchy from 1682-1789, King Louis XIV had granted that the Palace of Versailles to be constructed as an intimate retreat; it eventually became the ultimate seat for French royal family, court, and government in 1682. Most of the town (city) of Versailles were created mainly because of the immense palace, not because of the wealth surrounding the palace, but because Louis XIV wished to place his estate where the current town was located; so he had the town relocated just outside of the palace. When the town was later rebuilt it began to rise immensely from the palace. Versailles held all forms of government except for judicial during its time as the seat for government.

Basic Information

Region: Île-de-France
Department: Yvelines
Area Code: 78646
Zip code: 78000
District: Versailles

Location in Relation to Other French Cities

Versailles is approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Paris, 246 miles 396 kilometers from Lyon, 429 miles 690 kilometers from Nice, and 92 miles 147 kilometers from Reims.


The primary language of Versailles is, of course, French.

The Town of Versailles and Versailles' Market

Versailles, France is a small town with an area of 10.11 mi² and a population of 86,477 (2009). When you visit you are able to experience the typical French lifestyle;. Once a week Versailles even has its own market which contains homemade French foods and crafts with over 300 stalls.
Versailles Farmers Market

Ladurée, Versailles

One of many Local businesses in Versailles, France; this business is known for their macaroons and gifts.
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Boulangerie Julien

Another local business of Versailles, specifically a bakery.
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The Utmost Attraction

Versailles is famous for Louis XIV Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles), which is an immense estate/seat for the French government (1682-1789). Originally constructed as an intimate retreat for the king, soon it influenced the whole town's culture along with its economy (modern day tourism). Versailles was one of the grandest theatres of European absolutism. Civilians are not only attracted to the grandeur of the palace but rather the prodigious gardens constructed by André Le Nôtre; today people are still fascinated with his invention of “magically” still water, expressing the power of humanity and, specifically, the king over natural objects. The Palace of Versailles includes actual gold into its constructing which is displayed on the interior and exterior of the property.
Un jour à Versailles
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Where to Eat?

Well as we all know France is famous for its food, but, in Versailles one restaurant overpowers all of the choices; its name is Le Carré aux Crêpes,

While browsing the menu I was intrigued by their options of seafood, wine, and delicious meals for children. I recommend to come to this restaurant anytime!

Phone: 33 1 39 49 50 47
Hours: 12–2PM, 7–10PM
Price: €€
Address: 22 Rue Anjou, 78000 Versailles, France
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Which Hotel?

Trianon Palace Versailles, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel of Versailles would be my ideal place to stay while visiting Versailles. I was impressed by their cleanliness and hospitality, you can also have a traditional French atmosphere!

Address: 1 Boulevard de la Reine, 78000 Versailles, France

Cost: €€€1/2

Amenities: Indoor pool, air-conditioned, laundry service, room service, child friendly, and restaurant

Advantage: 2 kilometers from the Palace of Versailles

Phone: 33 1 30 84 50 00

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The People of Versailles and Economy

The civilians of Versailles typically live in apartments such as the ones located on the top of businesses, but those who can afford it live in small to medium sized homes. As stated from several blogs the people of Versailles are hospitable as long as you respect their lifestyle as a tourist.

Of course considering Versailles (town) is centered near the Palace of Versailles about 50% of its economy revenues from tourism, the other percentage is a mix from the weekly market, restaurants, and hotels.

Approximately 86,477 people live in Versailles, France (2009).
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