Isaac Newton

Famous Scientist of the Renaissance

Isaac's Background Life

Isaac was a student at Cambridge University. At Cambridge, the Black Plague spread among Europe which he had to stay in a state of solitude. When at the age of 10 years old Isaac's stepfather, who which he hated, had died. While he was walking one day, Isaac stumbled upon an unfamiliar object that was a glass prism which he uses in hes experiments.

The Achievements of Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton had many achievements, Isaac made a very powerful telescope in 1670. He created a spectrum out of light( Already know that...). And he created his laws of motion and gravity.

Isaac's Impacts on Today

Isaac made his theories on light to make better telescopes, microscopes eyeglasses and cameras. Isaac was the first to discover a spectrum and Newton made his three laws of motion.

Interesting Facts About Newton

Isaac never married. He translated what he saw into mathematical language. Newton's work was published in Principia in 1687. Isaac Newton died at the age of 84 on March 31st, 1727.


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