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The Sixth Grade Newsletter

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This newsletter provides information on activities and concerns of sixth grade students and teachers. For more detailed information on individual subject areas, please refer to the teacher's School Fusion page, linked beneath their picture below. For information on school wide events and initiatives, please visit the Pennington homepage. If you have a question or concern, please email us directly using the information below.

Interims were sent home with students, today. Ask your child for their Interim.

Mr. Anderson - Language Arts

Students will review and revise some of the activities we completed this week, including the article web, the group work summary and reflection, and the book talk. Students will also continue to practice using the plot diagram to identify elements of fiction. On Friday, we will visit the book fair to preview what's available. Sales will begin the following Monday. The students' day off Monday will not affect the reading log expectation for next week. Reading logs should be completed as usual. I will accept video book talks until 7:00 PM today. Please email those presentations to my google account:

Extended: Creative Writing will be our first extended unit of the year. Students will apply their knowledge of elements of fiction to create original stories with developed characters, settings, and conflicts.

Ms. Bosse - Math

MATH 6- Students completed their first unit test (and survived to tell about it)! We will be diving into the Expressions Unit on Tuesday. We will be learning about perfect squares, exponents and the order of operations. This unit is about 2 weeks long, so the tentative plan for testing will be Wednesday, October 28th.

EXTENDED 6- Students completed their first unit test (and survived to tell about it)! We will be diving into the Intro to Integers Unit on Tuesday. We will be learning about positive and negative numbers, absolute value and the coordinate grid. This is a short unit so the tentative plan for testing is Tuesday, October 20th.

Mr. Cardone - Social Studies

Students were given their Unit 1 test back this week. If they received a C or below they will have the opportunity to retest that section of the test during enrichment. The retest window will close next Thursday October 15. Students will begin exploring the different Native American tribes next week, taking a look at the resources they used and their clothing.

Mr. Cardone - Science

On Tuesday we will be having our first science test on the Nature of Science. Everyone received a study guide last week and we review on Thursday. Additional copies of the study guide will be posted on School Fusion. Our next unit will be on Matter.
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