1B Family Update

May 12, 2017

Dear Families

Below is an update from the last two weeks. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


In math, we returned to work on addition and subtraction. Students were excited to try adding and subtracting larger two-digit numbers. Some problems had regrouping where students exchanged 10 ones for a ten or 10 tens for a hundred! See below for photos of the different strategies they have used. Most students seem to prefer drawing base-10 blocks since it is a concrete way to show work but is also more efficient and faster than drawing a picture of the whole problem (for example, drawing 46 circles then crossing out 18 for 46-18 takes a loooong time and can lead to small mistakes).

Reading & Writing

For our last unit -- poetry -- we are linking our reading and writing units to better support the students reading comprehension skills through poetry. During writing we are discussing the structure of poems. During reading, we are identifying what defines a piece of writing as a poem. We are working on making connections to the poem and visualizing by making mental images to better understand the author’s message. A way to support us at home is to write a poem together. Try a 5 Senses poem where you can use the following sentence starters to create a poem about a topic (e.g. Summer at the park, block parties, etc.)

I hear…

I see…

I smell…

I feel…

I taste…

Amy Czaja and Kendra Thomas

Communicator Student of the Week #1: Maya

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Maya has demonstrated our learner profile for May: communicator. Communicators share and receive ideas and information in more than one way. Maya showed that she is a communicator:

  • She writes stuff down on scrap paper and gives it to people like a letter.
  • Maya is a communicator because whenever she is having a conversation, she asks questions about the other person too.
  • When someone is talking, she can tap them on the shoulder and show the silent signal to help them fix it.
  • She raises her hand to participate so much and that's communicating.
  • Maya is a communicator because she loves to write books for fun.
  • Maya is a self-communicator like when she's talking, people don't have to remind her to be quiet because sometimes she reminds herself.

Communicator Student of the Week #2: AJ

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AJ has also demonstrated our learner profile for May: communicator. Communicators share and receive ideas and information in more than one way. Maya showed that she is a communicator:

  • AJ is a communicator because sometimes he writes to communicate.
  • His art is explaining how much he likes Nemo, Dory, Hank, and Marlin.
  • One time at lunch, AJ was making something very beautiful with his artwork from Nemo.
  • Even in afterschool, AJ draws to communicate.
  • AJ likes to draw things that he feels or likes.
  • AJ is a communicator because in choice time he writes names and makes pretend stickers and asks people which one they want.

Classroom Photos

2017-18 Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for the 2017-2018 school year can be found on on our website by clicking on the link below.


Mexico City: Friday, June 2nd —400 BCE. Just 3 weeks away!


Please be sure your student reads thirty-one pages a day—including Saturday and Sunday! Everyone is excited to join us on our next trip — 2500 years back in time!!

Thank you.

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Specials Update

Grade One Artists Make Portraits!!

Grade One Artists looked at the work of Chuck Close and Andy Warhol. They carefully observed their own facial features in preparation for our Collaborative Portrait Series Project. Artists shared their creativity by drawing patterns on each others portraits — and then collaging parts of several portraits together.
We're looking forward to displaying their final works in the very near future. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of your artists at work in the studio! Ooh la la!

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Celebratory Dances

In alignment with First Grade's IB inquiry unit, 1A is studying celebratory dances from various countries. Starting with American Line Dances, including the Cha Cha Slide and the Virginia Reel, students are taking a journey around the globe to explore how people express their joy through movement. Please enjoy a short clip from a recent class. Also, ask your dancer to teach you how to Two Hand Swing and Do Si Do!
Grade 1B Smore 5.12.17

Thank you for the amazing goodies!!

All of your Teacher Appreciation treats were delicious!!
M A N Y — T H A N K S ! !