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May 26, 2017

3rd Grade Visits Next Week

We have the awesome opportunity to invite a buddy 3rd grade classroom over to Horizon to see what our school is all about. The 4th graders will be paired with one or two 3rd graders, and they will be able to give them a tour of the building, show them what lunch and recess are like, and show them a presentation regarding rules at Horizon, TRIBES, and 4th grade teachers for next year.

We will be doing this as an upstairs 4th grade on May 31st. That means that the downstairs classrooms will be inviting their 3rd grade classes on May 30th. In order to make enough room in the cafeteria for the 4th grade classrooms and their buddies, the upstairs rooms will be eating in their classrooms on May 30th. Students are encouraged to bring a cold lunch to school that day. That way, the 3rd graders and their 4th grade buddies will have a chance to go through the hot lunch line and have enough time to eat. Thanks for you cooperation with this! :)


We worked on reading, writing, and comparing decimals this week. I can't believe that we are close to being done with this unit already! Our main focus was using visuals to show decimals in order to compare them. We also practiced a few skills that the kiddos may have gotten rusty on, which is comparing fractions with uncommon denominators. We took a quick quiz, and it showed that we maybe forgot some of the steps of this process. We spent a day or two reviewing this to make sure they have a solid foundation of fractions before they go off to 5th grade (crazy to think how soon that is going to happen!!).

We will be finishing our unit before the end of the school year. The rest of the school year will be spent doing geometry and other activities from Unit Five and Eight. These activities may even include using some robot friends! :)


The first challenge the kiddos were given this week was to create a circuit with only one battery and two bulbs, but make sure that both bulbs shine bright. This was definitely a challenge, but each group was able to find at least one way to accomplish this. What they didn't know was that they were creating parallel circuits, a circuit with more than one pathway of electricity. It was so fun to see all of the crazy ideas they came up with that actually worked!

These circuit labs not only teach the students about electricity and circuit, but it also teaches them perseverance, teamwork, cooperation, and communication. These are all life skills that will allow them to grow as classmates when working in groups for the rest of the year, and also in the future.

Language Arts with Mrs. Edwards

Language Arts

This week we continued working on our Fantasy Fiction Unit. We practiced our showing vs telling, even with describing the character’s looks and the setting. The students continued to draft out their ideas and moved towards typing their final product. We continue to practice ideas on writing the problem and solution and received feedback from a partner.

The students got far on their Touring Wisconsin Presentation. The students had a goal each day to research and create a page, or slide, on their presentation. We focused this week on tourist spots, the town’s history, and fast facts. Most of the students were unaware of what natural resources are, or large employers. We modeled our practice project on our own town of Pewaukee.

Book Club: Next week the books should be finished! A few groups are about 100 pages away from the finish line! Please encourage your child to read over the long weekend, so they are done by next Friday. The students were able to pick out their own final project. This will be done in school the week of June 5th.

Spelling is coming to an end. We will not have a spelling test next week due to the short week, however, we will have our last unit test on June 9th. On June 9th the Language Arts Binder will also be coming home for the final time. Please let us know if your child will not be in school the 12th or 13th, so we can make sure everything gets sent home before.

Public Library: We traveled down to the Public Library on Monday. The students heard a lot of fun summer programs and a new addition coming soon to the children’s section. Please make a point to keep your child reading this summer!! It truly does make a difference!

Project Pitch It: The students created their own fidget in our Creative Unit. They had to “sell” it to their peers. The final to the activity was going to see where Project Pitch It is filmed, meet some entrepreneurs, and meet the creators. On the field trip the students were able to be their own creators and try to solve a social problem with a strength from the group. The day ended with a tour around the campus, and even seeing some of the basketball players practicing (a highlight for a few of our kiddos).

No School--Memorial Day

Monday, May 29th, 9pm

Pewaukee School District

3rd Grade Visits

Wednesday, May 31st, 10:30pm to Thursday, June 1st, 12:15pm

Upstairs 4th Grade

Our 3rd grade buddy classrooms will be coming to see what Horizon Elementary is all about! Your 4th grader will be giving their 3rd grade partner a school tour, show them what lunch and recess are like, and explain to them the rules of the school.

Miss DeWitt Out---At Camp Whitcomb

Thursday, June 1st, 8:30am-3:30pm

Miss DeWitt's Room

I will have a sub all day and will not have access to email, as I will be on at Camp Whitcomb with the 5th graders.