Martha Chase

And Alfred Hershey

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  • Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase

Contribution to the understanding of DNA

  • Together American biologists Martha chase and Alfred Hershey devised an experiment to determine whether DNA or its associates protein carried the genetic information for infection, growth, and development. Their blender experiment confirmed that DNA was a gentetic material and not the protein. The experiment provided one of the foundations of molecular biology and helped inspire the development of the helix model of DNA.

Dates and Places

  • The Hershey-Chase experiment was conducted in 1952
  • Alfred Hershey won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1969 in Physiology or Medicine for his " discoveries concerning the genetic structure of viruses."

Interesting information on Hershey and Chase


  • Before Hershey and Chase's Blender experiment they did not know which component, protein or DNA, was responsible for genetic information.

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