FEA Bargaining Update

October 2015

Survey Results

Thank you for everyone who participated. We had over 67% of our members participate in the survey. The survey gave a clear message to the bargaining team on what our members were looking for. If there becomes a need for our crisis team to be formed in the future, we will be sharing out more of the data we collected.

Also, the survey gave our Executive Board a much needed insight into some of the happenings in our buildings. Lynn and Derek met with Bob and Allison on Wednesday, October 7th to begin discussions on our survey results. Our goals are to set a clear teacher evaluation process and layoff procedure (if the need ever occurred) and to begin to work with our principals to improve the working conditions in some/all of our buildings.

We have set some future dates to begin these talks. It is important to continue to go to your building reps if issues arise, so we may seek remedies as soon as possible. It is extremely important we maintain our professionalism in these tough times. Perception is huge in any negotiation and we want to maintain we are the most professional staff in the area. I know it is tough, but we thank you for all the great work you do!

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, October 15th - Public hearing for the casino

Monday, October 19th - Board of Education Meeting - Held in the Board of Education Room

November 3rd - Sinking Fund Election

Your Bargaining Team

Lynn Vanderberg - Chief Negotiator (Happily Retired)

Zack Stucky - Salary Chair (High School)

Lisa Dirkse - Bargaining Team Member (Edgewood)

Jacquelyn Ball - Bargaining Team Member (Middle School)

Kris Olson - Bargaining Team Member (Middle School)

Derek Woycehoski - FEA President (High School)