Oklahoma University

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Oklahoma University (OU) is located in Norman, Oklahoma.

Environment and Academics:

OU is a 4 year co-ed school. Its an urban area holding about 21,818 students and the school is 3,481 acres. The typical class size ranges from 20-50 students depending on your major and class times, OU tries to make sure that their students get all the information needed in the time they have in that class everyday!


At OU you have certain test scores and GPA requirements. Their GPA scores MUST be a 4.0 UNWEIGHTED!! You are required to take the SAT or ACT, depending on how close you are to the GPA requirement will determine your score on the ACT. For the ACT you should score at least a 24-26


  • Tuition- $20,469
  • Total: around $30,000+
  • $40 application fee


All incoming Sooners that are freshman and under the age of 20 are required to live in the residence hall. You can live in the residence hall for all 4 years of college if you would like, but when you're a junior you are allowed to live off campus in apartments.
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  • Oklahoma has a variety of clubs and organizations. For example: Anthropology, health science, pre-vet, etc.



Oklahoma is home to many sports teams in the NCAA division 1-A. Their sports teams are football, softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, etc. Its like an athletes dream at OU!!

What its like:

At OU there are advantages and disadvantages about this school. The disadvantage is how big it is and how many students there are. People could say its a lot harder to find friends because of how many different things there is to do. The advantage is that its a GREAT school! You will get taught everything you need to know and you will have help all around! Its a great campus with very nice professors and students!

What you do for fun:

At OU they have many many clubs which could be fun. They also have recreational buildings, depending what you like doing on your free time. They have food places you can go to hang with your friends and/or have a study group. At Oklahoma if there is one thing you never will be, it would be bored.
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