"Broken Chain"

by Gary Soto


The main charater of this story is this boy named Alfonso. He is twelve years old and is Mexican. He likes this girl named Sandra and is trying to get at her.

The main charaters


Alfonso likes this girl named Sandra and he asked her if she wanted to go bike riding. Sandra said yes and to meet her at the corner. When Alfonso went to go get his bike his bike was broken and his brother Ernie wouldn't let him ride his bike because he was mad at him. So Alfonso went to the corner to tell Sandra that he couldn't ride his bike but then just in time Ernie came up to him and said he could ride his bike. Alfonso was so happy. When Sandra came she didn't have her bike because she couldn't find it. So Sandra rode on Alfonso's bike with him.There were almost gonna crash so Sandra put her hands on top of Alfonso's and he said he fell in love.

Marissa Solorio

Quote: 'when she put her hands on top of mine i fell in love"

Review: i liked the story. I thought is was very good.