Martin Deleon

by: Thomas Fraser


         At the turn of the 18th century, an important man of what was to be South Texas history was written and witnessed by those in Aan Antonio, La Bahaia and Nacogdoches.Don martin Deleon, made his first trip thogh many places in 1805. It was Martin's  desir to create a permanent settlement and as a starter he a cordingly petitoned the Spanish Government of San Antonio in 1807.                                                                                                                MARTIN DE LEON  Martin Deleon was bor in Burgos Mexico in 1765.The minor empersarios who contributed of Texas was stated at, Sabine Burnet, Zavala and Behlein. On April 8, 1824, he petitioned the Provenceal Delegation of San Fernado de Baxter. Martin Deleon settled 41 familys in Mexico.                                                                                                                  DE LEONS COLONY   He stood six feet tall and was skilled as a horesman and Indean fighter. as a devout Catholic, De Leon was planing to build a church without enimeys in Texas when he became a victum og the cholera epidemic og 1833 and died.