Newsletter Week 1 Term 2

Titahi Bay Intermediate School Friday 6th May 2022

Principal's Korero

Welcome to another exciting Term at Titahi Bay Intermediate. It is great to see most of our students returning to school after the challenges of Term 1 with Covid 19.

Last term we ended with 119 students making it to camp Kaitoke. Even though the weather rained for two days, we all had a fantastic time and managed to get outside for night activities on both nights. I would like to thank all of our adults who attended camp - Amanda Berry, Allie Rutherford, Carl Dawson, Marcus Hewitt, Sammie Roomataaroa, Chaedyn Ngaroi, Allicia Veenhof, Emma O'Reilly, Emily Farrer, Olivia Gorman, Jared King and Lucho Arca. The camp Kaitoke management and instructors were very excited to host our students as they had been waiting a few months to run a camp. Finally a big thank you to our whānau for letting your child attend camp as the challenges and restrictions of Covid 19 have stopped many outdoor experiences for our students.

As you are aware our building work has finally started with Rooms 4 - 7 being 95% complete with a new roof and ceilings being installed in this block. Gutters and downpipes are still to be complete but this will get done as the term progresses. Our staff and students are being flexible and adapting to the various changes needing to be made on a day to day basis as the building work progresses on the administration block.

The Cube at the front of the school is where the office is located along with my working space. Due to the flood damage in the administration block, Jessica Fourie is also sharing the Cube working space with me. I would like to thank our team for being extremely flexible as the administration area has a number of blowers and dehumidifiers running full time trying to dry everything out.

On Friday 29th May Titahi Bay Intermediate welcomed its newest addition with the safe arrival of Ms Cole's baby boy, Frank. Both are doing well and we congratulate Amy and her whānau on their new addition.

We have also welcomed three new students to our school this term, our students have made them feel welcome and they have settled in well. It is great to see our students displaying our TE ARA values and settling back into school life.

Included in this newsletter is our What's On for Term 2. A reminder that things may change depending on our Covid situation and the availability of our school hall for such events as Trophy Night and our annual Open Evenings.

Covid 19- Orange Light Setting

As New Zealand is at Orange masks are encouraged but not required in educational settings. As you are aware we are remaining to wear masks while indoors at school and will review this next week. Guidance from the Ministry of Education is that masks remain an important tool to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

These guidelines are important to note:

  • Ākonga aged 12 and over must wear face masks on public transport and school transport. (This means Kahikatea/Year 7-8 will need masks for e.g. Technicraft buses).
  • All parents, caregivers, whānau, and other visitors are required to wear face masks on site.

As Covid 19 is still active in our community we would like whānau to please keep us informed if your household have active Covid 19 cases. This makes a difference to how we record our students absences. Over this first week back at school we have had a number of students who have been unwell, so remind your child that if they do feel unwell at school to come and see us at the office.

Student Inquiry Term 2

Our students have started the term with their Student Inquiry. Students have spent some time looking at what we call the 'hooks' where students were presented with a number 'heroes' throughout the world. Teachers also dressed up as a hero, which included Ashley Bloomfield, Dame Whina Cooper, Dame Valerie Adams, Jane Goodall, Kate Sheppard and the leadership team came as 'Superman' and 'Batman' This helped to trigger students thinking and discussions around our Big Idea of "Not all heroes wear capes".

Ensure that you discuss this learning journey with your child as the term progresses as our student inquiry will be intertwined with our school vision of Find the Way, Know the Way and Lead the Way.

TE ARA Awards - Term 1

Congratulations to the following students for showing empathy towards others:

Ngarauhina Apirana, Jacob Abrigo, Huhana Rei, Teaniwa Apirana-Bishop, Aniwaniwa Moki-Poese, Ngahono Landy, Shanaya Prakash, Jay-J Munroe, Khyra-Rose Edwards-David, Lucas Kindler, Asani Chapman Masinamua, Alisha Thepsurin, Ava-Rose Siakimotu, Allise Taurima, Axel Reynolds, Kodak Bennett, James French, Lorelei Lindsay, Tangiika Pohe, Nikayla Bishop, Giannie Martin and Elisha Laavasa.

Saturday Netball

We have entered two teams into the Kapi Mana Netball Saturday competition. We are still looking for a coach for our TBI Kahurangi.

We have secured a coach for the TBI Kowhai team who is able to look after our team on Saturdays only. I will train the team during the week alongside TBI Kahurangi if there are some parents who are able to ref and manage the team on Saturdays. I am unable to do it as I have my own children's Saturday sports.

Please contact me directly if you are able to coach or manage the teams on a Saturday. If we are unable to find someone to umpire the games we will then need to look at paying someone to do this every Saturday. If you know of anyone that is keen to do this then please let me know a.s.a.p.

Saturday 7th May 2022 Games:

TBI Kowhai - 12.00 p.m. on Court 4

TBI Kahurangi - 12.00 p.m. on Court 3

Through the Eye of Te Whanganui-a-tara - Photography Project

As mentioned in our previous Newsletter (Week 8) our students' amazing mahi can be viewed online using the link below.

Please follow the link to view our students' images and captions.

I am pleased to announce that Pātaka will host a digital exhibition of our students' work. There are two display screens where their work can be viewed; one outside the library and one outside the café. Pātaka have also shared this event on their webpage

The New Zealand Festival of Arts are in the process of printing our students' images and captions so that we can host our own in-school exhibition of their work. Watch this space for more details on our in-school exhibition.

You may have also seen one of our students on the display screen near the motorway on Mungavin Avenue. This amazing shot was taken by award-winning photographer Raymond Sagapolutele during the workshop we held at the beginning of this term. Raymond was one of the mentor photographers who presented and taught our students.

Big picture

Basketball Hoops

It is with great delight that we can finally say our swivel basketball/netball hoops are up. The students are very happy to have the hoops up and it is wonderful to see them already using them.

Term 1 Social Science Wrap-up

Did you know a New Zealander invented instant coffee and that a Kiwi was the first in the world to take flight? Last term in Social Science we looked at great New Zealand innovators. The students researched New Zealand innovators, then shared their findings with the class and created their own innovation using the innovator they researched as their inspiration.

We saw some brilliant ideas that demonstrate our students' creativity from marble runs to electronic badges that buzz when a substitute is needed on the sports field.

Term 1 Health and Wellbeing Wrap-up

Last term we looked at hygiene, healthy eating and healthy relationships. Our students had great discussions about how our hygiene practices affect our mental health. We looked at how we can strengthen our resilience and manage changing friendships. Our students created some Instagram posts to inform others about what they have learnt about hygiene and mental wellbeing.

Term 1 Science Wrap-up

Term One, we were plant mad! Our science classes enjoyed a variety of lessons in the garden as field scientists; looking at the structures and functions of plants in Aotearoa. Students looked closely at the life cycle, adaptations and anatomy of a variety of plants. We looked at the process of germination and students took up the challenge of germinating their own pea seeds. We now have a bunch of pea plants growing in our school garden.

Term 1 Music Dance and Drama Wrap-up

In Term 1 our students enjoyed a hands-on experience with music. Students played as class bands; worked on their listening and cooperative skills. They were challenged to develop their ukulele playing technique in order to produce a beautiful sound. Our students were able to play a handful of beloved classics and we are proud of their skills on the uke!

New School App and Website

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Upcoming Events

  • Saturday Netball begins - Saturday 7th May 2022
  • Kiwi Competitions - Entries close this Friday
  • BOT Meeting - Monday 9th May 2022 - 6.00 p.m.
  • WAITECH - Waka Ama begins on Tuesday 10th May