Use of Force or Police Brutality?

When do police cross their own thin blue line?

Has use of force gone too far in America?

Many cases of police brutality have been confirmed and for many reasons. Sometimes it is when a police officer uses too much force in the heat of the moment. Sometimes it could be intentional such as a case involving prejudice or racism.
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Oakland Police Stop Blacks At Far Higher Rate, Asians Top Traffic Stops

Here is a link to an article that talks about how more African-Americans are pulled over than any other group in the Oakland area. The reason they are being pulled over is for reasonable suspicion. Also when their cars were searched they only find as much contraband as they would with any other race. This is a clear indicator of racism in the police force.

Albuquerque protest over police shootings turns to 'mayhem';_ylt=AwrBJR6kIURTqRQA0Reamol
In this incident the police were responding to a protest against the Albuquerque Police Department. The APD responded with tear gas and arrests. Bu is this police brutality. No, the police only took this action when the people among the protest starting throwing rocks and spitting on the officers. One was hospitalized as a result of responding to the violence. Officers are trained to handle situations like these with whatever tools they have.

St. Louis program helps police and public smooth over minor conflicts

This is what we can do to stop police brutality. In St. Louis the police department has created a program where officers and citizens can meet and discuss what happen at the scene of the crime so an officer can explain why he had to do what he did and maybe apologize if they went too far. Program like these can break the barrier between police officers and citizens so they can better understand each other and thus make future arrests much easier.