Hamilton Dermatology

Fall skin care news


With fall in the air and seasons changing, often times our skin goes through changes of its own. Many people will experience less oil production and start noticing some dark "pigmentation" spots from the summer sun. No matter the problem, we are here to help!
This letter highlights some of the best treatments to get your skin in shape for the fabulous fall weather.

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What's new in anti aging skin care?

The great thing about working in this field, is that it is very dynamic and always changing! New procedures, products, and treatments are created yearly. We have listed some of our favorite new treatments to rejuvenate the skin-

1) Skin Pen- Skin Pen is a state- of- the art tool that is designed to stimulate the skin's natural ability to produce collagen. This treatment promotes healthier and clearer looking skin. It is good for all skin types but is most effective in treating mild acne scars, large pores, and sun damaged skin. There is no down time with this procedure. Most patient's experience mild skin irritation for 24 hours and may have some residual pen marks for 3 days. All of this can be covered by makeup. $400 for the face and neck
2) Hand peel- This treatment focuses on mild to moderate discoloration and lining on the hand and forearm. It uses a light blend of effective acids to fade and exfoliate away those bothersome brown spots. With this treatment, the patient will experience a shedding and sloughing of the skin for 7-10 after the treatment. Applying lotion and creams help with the appearance. $95 hands and forearms
3) Brown Spot laser- Using lasers to treat pigmentation is on the most successful ways to lighten the skin and reduce pigmentation problems. Many patients see results within a few weeks and enjoy a more radiant complexion after a month. Lasers also help to stimulate the skin's natural collagen response and help rejuvenate the skin.

All though the items listed above are new, we still offer many successful treatments and patient favorites. Here are the "oldie but goodie" treatments:

1) Botox- Nuerotoxin that helps to prevent expression lines.
2) Light chemical peel with extractions- Clean out the pores from the summer oil and sunscreen and refine the texture of the skin
3) Acleara acne and oil reducing laser- Reduce breakouts and oil production, helps the look of large pores
4) TCA peel- Fades and retexturizes moderate to heavy sun damage and wrinkled skin on the legs, arms, chest and face.
5) Retin-A- Many strengths are available to stimulate collagen production and refine lines and wrinkles