America Is MIsleading

Shane Coley period. 1

America Is Misleading

I chose to use this as my topic for our project, because I believe it is one of the more true ideas about the U.S. I believe this because immigrants and people in other countries think the U.S. is a saving grace, that it is the promise land. They believe that because they do not know how the U.S. truthfully is.

Sources for this statement.

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Shane Coley period 1, My thought process.

My thought process for this project was to do something that was a broad topic that would be easily broken down and was our government and how people perceive it. I didn't choose citizens if the United States because they live here and may be oblivious and not realize that there are problems for other people (immigrants) trying to come into America and live a successful life. Many immigrants have said in interviews and articles they had high expectations and i believe my board does a well job representing that. One side of the board is how immigrants think their life will be in America but the other side of the board shows things that people experience for instant war and censorship. We've been in a war with a country ever since bush was in office, we are nearly finished with president Obama being in office (8 years) for no valid reason. Bush lied to the public about why we were in the war but its been nearly a decade and we are still in the war. which then brings up the idea of censorship, if the government would be willing to lie about a war what other things have they lied about in the past or have been keeping a secret from the general population. They've been proven to lie about war something that's such a controversial topic, the possibilities could be endless about what else they can lie about, and I really wanted to expand the ideas of censorship with people saying "shhh" and "be quiet" and "don't tell anyone else."