Discrimination & Rights With Women

By James Buttafuoco

Discrimination; (n) Prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex

Current Discrimination in America

Michael Brown and What has Happened.

Right now, there is a major discrimination against African Americans in this country. It happens all over, from the south to the north. The most popular one is in Ferguson, Missouri. Michael Brown had been shot 12 times from an officer, Darren Wilson, as Brown had been defenseless. Wilson did not end up going to jail, as Brown supposedly was charging the officer during the incident. There has been 314 people shot and killed from police since this Michael Brown shooting happened. Are the police targeting blacks or is 314 deaths on accident?

Donald Trump and his Outspoken Words

A man that loves to speak his mind in this country is Donald Trump. He has been going against the Mexicans, saying he wants to build a huge wall at the border to stop them from illegally coming into the country. But he wants Mexico to pay for it! Now that is crazy. A new thing he said is he wants all Muslims out of the US. You can't just go against people like that and kick them out of a country. He wants to "Make America Great Again" as that is his campaign slogan for the 2016 presidential campaign. Back in 89', Trump said that "I will run for president if there is something wrong with this country." on Oprah's TV show. There has been rumors that Trump has been kicked from the presidential run, but that is just a rumor. A rumor created from his haters.

America and How it was Shaped and Affected from Discrimination in the Past.

The racial discrimination is probably the biggest thing that shaped America and how America is today. African Americans had to drink, eat and sleep in different places then white people. When the African Americans started to do things that white people were doing, it all changed. Jackie Robinson was the first ever African America to play in the MLB, which gave more brave people like him to play the game that's called "America's Pasttime". Martin Luther King Jr. tried to have equal rights for all of his fellow brothers, and had sacrificed his life doing just that. He was as important, maybe more, after his death because the African Americans knew that they could win the racial battle, and get their rights back.

How People Judge Strangers and Hold Opinions Against Them

Some people judge other people because they either were or currently getting judged and need to take off the steam on someone else in an improper way. They want to be the big person and have nobody make fun of them anymore. They don't care at all on who it is, or how hard the victim is hurt. They just want to feel good. The victim could either tell and get help, or they could join the judge train and start a new rotation. A kid could get bullied while in the hallways from an upperclassmen, and show that he's perfectly fine. But that kid, mentally, is probably not okay. The victim will then try to get revenge on the upperclassmen or become the next bully. He would only do it because it happened to him, not just for fun and games or to make his friends laugh.

Current Discrimination in the World

How are Women Treated Differently than Men in the World.

In the middle east, women are treated very different than men. They have less rights and aren't looked at the same. Women need to have their whole body covered up in public, they can't show off their beauty or even their makeup. They cannot operate a vehicle at all. They cannot go anywhere public without a chaperon. They cannot vote at all, or have a say in public debates. These women are basically trapped in a hole from being truly free. The most famous country to go against women is Saudi Arabia.

Famous People who are Fighting for Women's Rights

Malala Yousafzai (Born on July 12th, 1997)

Malala Yousafazi has won multiple awards for her past and current actions. She has won the Nobel Peace Prize, and the National Youth Peace Prize. That award has a new name because of her actions, the National Malala Peace Prize. Malala focuses on women's education and equality in the whole world. She has a voice in the world, and doesn't care if anyone is trying to stop here. Malala risked her life and was almost killed by the Taliban,as she was shot in the head and put into critical condition. She said that her surviving helped so many women to become brave and speak up. She says that education is for everyone, not just the men.

Rosa Parks (1913-2005)

Rosa Parks was a civil rights activists. She had fought for women's rights and equality for everyone. Rosa Parks got famous when she wouldn't move on a bus in Montgomery. She was sitting in the front, where the white people stand, and was asked to move. She said "No" and was arrested after the bus pulled over. People started to boycott the bus, and fought for equality.

Connections to the novel "Make Lemonade"

Jolly is a perfect example off a woman being discriminated. She had been attacked at work, she defended herself, and she was the one to lose her job. This happens all the time in the work place, and at home. This causes one of the parents to leave, making the other alone. Sometimes they have kids, like Jolly did, and its even harder for them to live.

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