Sleeping Well and Sleeping Right

Stages of sleep, Improving sleep, and common bad practice

Stages of Sleep

The amount of sleep cycles a person will go through in a night depends on how many hours they sleep. Each sleep cycle lasts for about 90 minutes and goes through five stages until you hit deep sleep as you see in the photo. Then after deep sleep, you see it go back up into a stage called REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement, this is the stage in which your dreams occur, and if you wake up at the end of a sleep cycle, thats when you will remember your dreams.

Benefits of Proper Sleep

Getting the proper amount of sleep every night can make your life a lot easier in many ways. Good sleep can enhance your concentration, your memory, and speed of problem solving. Along with these things it can add years onto your life because it helps your body to maintain a healthy weight. When your body gets out of shape or starts gaining weight that can cause many harmful diseases to come along and just like good sleep helps with your weight, bad sleep can cause you to gain it.

Improving Sleep and Denouncing Common Bad Practice

Consequences of Bad Sleep

Bad Sleep for Teenagers

Lack of or poor sleep can affect teenagers in many ways, it can;

  • give you acne
  • hinder your ability to learn, concentrate, and problem solve
  • lead to aggressive and inappropriate behavior
  • cause you to eat sweet, fried, or all around unhealthy food for more energy (fake and quickly used energy which causes you to crash) which will lead to weight gain
  • lead to increased use of caffeine or nicotine products for more energy and increases the effects of alcohol leaving you more prone to addiction
  • contribute to illness or injury leaving your immune system weak and not properly functioning and leaving you drowsy and unable to properly maneuver machinery (such as cars)

By: Zhahn Ivy Gonzalez