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Happy New Year! Welcome to the first 2016 edition of Our Global Town. If you haven't noticed the new tab on the Town School for Boys website, we invite you to take a look. If you have been to the tab you have taken note of our global mission statement and perhaps discovered that it hosts all of our past newsletters.

Town School for Boys builds students' inter-cultural competencies and character through academic experiences and global and local partnerships. Beginning from an awareness of multiple perspectives, students develop respect, empathy, and kindness through authentic inquiry and engagement. By fostering non-judgemental curiosity, teachers guide students toward a rich understanding of their own identity within the tapestry of their community, the importance of belonging and including others, and the value of acting as allies and engaged global citizens.

Jennifer Klein of World Leadership School Visits Town

Jennifer Klein visited Town School in November to support the work of faculty in the areas of Project Based Learning (PBL) and Global Education. The Committee on Teaching and learning set up multiple opportunities before and after her visit for project building/revamping and collaboration time. Jennifer worked with faculty on a variety of projects as she met with teams of educators for 2 days. In addition she hosted an afternoon professional growth workshop on PBL. Some of the global and glocal PBLs being explored by faculty at this time are:

  • How do educate others to reduce food waste in our community?
  • As future tax paying permanent residents/citizens, how can we ensure a livable wage in this country?
  • Water: A Superhero or a Super Power?
  • How do people navigate being a part of two cultural words?
  • Challenge: Write a grant to prove that working with your chosen NGO on Service Day will have the greatest impact.
  • As responsible global citizens, how can we use statistics and graphs to raise awareness about our Global Goals?

Kindergartners Answer: How Does My Family Make Me Unique?

This December, the Kindergarteners worked to answer the question, "How Does My Family Make Me Unique?” in the hopes that what they learned would inspire curiosity about each other's’ families and cultures, and bring a greater sense of global awareness into the classroom. Students learned and shared about the paths their families took to come to San Francisco, and began to recognize their own culture and history in relation to their classmates. They interviewed their families and created family trees before mapping how they came to live in San Francisco. Throughout the project, kindergarteners shared what they learned with their classmates and presented their family trees to their 4th grade buddies. Students also had the opportunity to present their learning to families at the start of the holiday party.

4th Grade Art Works with OneWorld Classrooms

The Fourth grade is participating in a global art exchange through OneWorld Classrooms, an organization whose mission is to build bridges of learning and understanding between local and global classrooms through the arts and technology. Before Thanksgiving, the fourth graders created linoleum block prints of animals. The prints were sent to OneWorld headquarters in Boston, and are now being shipped to a classroom somewhere around the globe. We are awaiting news about where the artwork will land, and we are looking forward to receiving artwork from our partner school! Stay tuned to hear more about our global art exchange!
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7th and 8th Grade Spanish Classes Dive Deep Into Units on Bullfighting and Peru

Eighth graders explored bullfighting in a project that culminated with a debate presented to their classmates in Spanish. The project began by exploring what takes place during a bullfighting and was followed up with research to explore arguments for and against bullfights. During their research students studied different perspectives on the issue and questioned how bullfighting can be considered an art that is representative of Spain.

Seventh graders sought to determine what makes Peru unique. Students created projects on particular topics designed to promote the uniqueness of the country. The topics included explorations into the history, culture, geography, economics and politics of Peru. The highlight for the students was the opportunity to talk to someone from Peru in Spanish. Mariela Gerstein, a Town parent, was kind enough to visit some of our classes, while a friend of Ms. Cvar's, Alvaro, held a Skype conversation with a class directly from Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru. Click here for an example project from the class.

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David Drabkin Visits Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirate as part of the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce's TEACH Fellowship

With an interest and curiosity in understanding different cultural backgrounds and challenges in various educational settings in the Middle East, David Drabkin researched opportunities that would eventually lead him to a TEACH Fellowship sponsored by the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce. His article, The Same, But Other, vividly captures his experience.

7th Graders Visit Kiva and Present to Chelsea Clinton

Town School students, Connor, James, Cole and Zack, presented the following slides to a full room of Kiva.org employees, Chelsea Clinton and her team members , Citi Bank Kiva U supporters, and Sacred Heart Prep High School seniors and teachers. The boys spoke eloquently and in a heartfelt manner about their experience modeling micro finance, how it felt to be borrowers and lenders, and what the school has accomplished over the past 5 years. They toured the facility, had photo ops with Ms. Clinton and Kiva employees, and enjoyed a day in which they were recognized for the work of all Town School Kiva lenders. An added benefit, they made the news!
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