Fact or Myth By: Armando Rivera

So let’s say you’re at the beach, and you see a fin in the water. You look at the fin and see what kind of fin it is and it’s… a dolphin???? You thought you saw a shark fin. It’s normal to confuse a shark fin with a dolphin fin.

Attacked by a Shark

People have made up myths about sharks myths like Jaws, Megaladon (A Giant Shark), Shark Week. But there are fewer than 100 shark attacks per year and many people live to tell their stories. Did you know that you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than of being attacked by a shark? Let’s see how fascinating these creatures are, instead of monsters of myth.

Sharks are unusual looking fish. Like most fish, sharks have gills to breathe underwater. Sharks have gills on their skin. Other fish have gills inside them. That’s kind of weird.

Shark Food

Sharks eat fish, stingrays, seals, etc. Sharks hunt for food. They have a good sense of smell. When they smell, waves go to their noses. You can’t feel them the way they can. Some sharks confuse humans for seals when they swim, but no shark considers humans as part of their dinner menu. When sharks do confuse humans with seals they go hunt them. After a bite or two the shark realizes that the human isn’t a seal and swims away. The only way a shark can confuse humans with seals is if a swimmer has a black wet suit. A shark’s vision is not like a human’s vision. Sharks can also confuse other animals for food. Of course I wouldn’t confuse pencil lead with a Jolly Rancher.

Shark Myths

Like I said before many people have made up myths about sharks, myths like Jaws, a movie about a Great White Shark who eats humans alive, Megaladon, a prehistoric shark who eats humans alive. A Megaladon WAS a real shark. The Megaladon was a huge shark! They became extinct along with the dinosaurs. Megaladons are about the size of a boat. Phew, if that creature was living today, nobody would ever swim again.

Known Sharks

Probably the most known shark is the Great White Shark, the most scariest in Jaws. Most people consider the Great White as a man eating fish, but they are not completely right. Great White Sharks eat seals. That is all they want to eat and they hardly eat humans. Great White Sharks sometimes confuse seals with humans or other animals. (Other Sharks do that too.) Great White Sharks do not consider humans as food. This isn’t to say that the Great White Shark isn’t dangerous. A single bite can cause shock or death. Unlike other sharks Great White Sharks are rare. Less than 20 people see them throughout the day.

Sample Paragraph

See? Sharks are not what people think they are. Sharks are living creatures like you. They have the right to live like you do if there were no sharks, humans wouldn’t be alive.

Funny Facts (Untrue)

P.S Did you know that sharks think that dolphins are ugly?

P.S Did you know that sharks also think that humans are ugly and that they want to rip your face off.

P.S Did you know that I lied about them wanting to rip your face off.

P.S Did you know that sharks like cheese.

P.S Did you know that I lied again.

P.S Did you know that a Great White Shark is about to eat your homework right now?