The Corporation of Sony

By Dane Brancato

History of Sony

Sony began with a partnership and a firm grasp of the future, Masaru Ibuka, a brilliant engineer, and Akio Morita, a physics graduate with a flair for marketing, found Sony in 1946. The original name of the Company being “Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo" or "Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation" was eventually changed to “Sony” to be more recognizable and easy to pronounce by consumers around the world. The new name combined sonus, the Latin root of sound, with "sonny," a popular expression describing young people. By acquiring Columbia Pictures, Inc. in 1989, Sony begins to realize its goal of becoming the ultimate technology and entertainment company, delighting movie buffs with such hit films as “Men In Black,” “Spider-Man” and “Skyfall” and captivating television viewers with a broad slate of TV shows, including “Breaking Bad,” “The Dr. Oz Show,” “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune.” Sony gets into gaming with the launch of the PlayStation in 1994. Small and powerful with an attractive design, this easy-to-use console was an immediate sensation among gamers around the world. They haven’t stopped playing since. Thus started one of the best gaming companies in the world. The benefits of Sony being a corporation is that the company will last longer than the lives of it's creators and that it will make capital faster than other forms of business.

Editor's Note

I would in fact invest in this company because it has produced some of my favorite game/systems over the years. I am particularly bias as my modern game system was the PlayStation 2 as a child. The thought of owning a part of my favorite company is an extremely interesting idea and I would love to do so.