The girl's genie

Your wish has came true & we are here to serve you!

Coming soon...

Here to offer you the convenience, great prices and large selection every woman loves, The Girl's Genie almost seems to good to be true!

We offer you shoes, cosmetics, clothes, sweet candy, jewelry, great customer service and more! Who said we had to be careful with what we wished for?

I have partnered up with 2 ladies, all of us with totally different minds, to offer you exactly what you need!

What are we?

My two favorite ladies and I have partnered up to bring our mindsets together and provide a collection of a girl's wants and needs all at a convenient place and price. We believe that a partnership is the best way to provide this, because it allows us to bring our different mindsets and skills together, while still staying small enough to be able to provide personal service with our customers. We can make quick-enough decisions and adjust rather nicely with just the 3 of us working together. This is why we planned out our business and signed an Article of Partnership to bring you THIS.

Sure, we have unlimited liability and we have to raise money for financial capital, along with pay for our employees but we got this!

You see, we are financially responsible enough to have saved money, and gathered ready employees before we opened our store. We only have one store, and that means we only need a few select employees. Also, we have found an awesome lot, across from one of the largest shopping centers in Charlotte!... We won't have a problem attracting our customers.

In depth [the business view]

-We will not have a labor union, because it creates uncomfortable circumstances for everyone. Instead, we as owners have decided to create monthly meetings for our employees to brainstorm and talk about different solutions and problems that there may be.

-Our employees will be paid minimum wage, but will earn raises depending on little pendents they earn through outstanding customer service, effort, responsibility and reliability.

- As a green store, we do not buy plastic bags. Instead, we have a "donate it to save it" program. Our customers can donate 6 bags and/or boxes and receive a virtual coupon code for a variety of different saving opportunities! [35% off one time purchase, BOGO one time purchase or free gift with next purchase]