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Term 3 Week 9 2022

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Kia ora parents and whānau,

Week 9 already, Spring is here and daylight savings begins this weekend with our clocks going forward one hour on Saturday night. With the end of term approaching it is a really good idea to be monitoring your childrens’ tiredness levels. Children get tired towards the end of term and tiredness can often lead to poor decision making which in turn can affect their end of term experience. We want everyone to have an enjoyable final two weeks of term and go into the term break full of positivity and excitement for term 4.

Progress is steaming ahead with our school pool. The plan is for it to be painted during the term break and be ready for the children to enjoy early in term 4. This is very exciting news, the heat pumps will keep the pool at a nice 28 degrees. A reminder too that we have our branded dry bags that are ideal for togs and towels. These are free to students new to our school and are available for purchasing from the school office for everyone else.

With the warmer summer weather on its way please remember to keep your children sunsmart with hats and sunscreen. Also note that some of our days are starting off quite cold and then really warming up. Make sure your child has the appropriate clothing or layers for the temperature fluctuations the day presents.

Have a great week everyone!

Ngā mihi nui,

Justin Bertrand



  • 19/9/2022 Te Aroha College Enrolment appointments (at TAPS from 11:00am in the library)

  • 21/9/2022 Hockey Big Day Out (Ngatea)

  • 24/9/2022 PTA Duck Race Saturday 24 September

  • 30/9/2022 Last day of Term 3 Friday 30 September

Other term dates to be advised.



Hockey Big Day Out: Wednesday 21st September. Please be at school at 8.15am ready to get your uniforms and leave at 8.30am. A note went out last week outlining what you need to bring and which car you are in.

Can I please ask that all parents read the sports notes careful and fill them in correctly. This week considerable time was taken up as parents had not filled in ages etc correctly. This means I then have to trawl through children’s enrolment details trying to sort this If details aren’t correct then children will end up missing out.

Also, send back the slips and keep the tops of notices with all the important details such as dates. This saves me answering questions about information I have already sent out.

Te Aroha College Enrolments for 2023

Enrolment appointments were sent home on Friday for parents and whanau who are enrolling their child onsite in our school library today.(Monday from 11am) Please make sure you have completed the Te Aroha College Enrolment Information form from the pack and bring your child’s identification (birth certificate or current passport) and immunisation certificate to enrolment. If you need to change your appointment, please contact Mrs B ASAP via email dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz or phone (07) 8848803.

Parents can also enrol their child at Te Aroha College on Wednesday 21 September 4-6pm. Parents can make bookings for this by phone (07) 8848625 or email rjohnson@tacol.nz

Year 7/8 Technology at Te Aroha College

Please make sure your child has shoes that cover their feet (NO SLIDES PLEASE) and long hair needs to be tied up. Roll call for the bus at 8.30am outside Room 10. If your child is running late and misses the bus, please take them straight to the College.

Paeroa Daycamp

School holidays are fast approaching. For those interested in Daycamp, the information can be accessed in the PDF attached below.


Duck Day 2022

Is happening this Saturday! Thank you to all those who have sold tickets. We look forward to a great race!

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Room 1 - Mrs Johnson

This week we welcome Alex to our class. Room 1 loved taking part in the Waiata house challenge last week. We are working on our calendar art and we will share these on Seesaw with whanau as soon as they are completed.

Last week was a very busy week so we will use this week to complete the learning we started.

Literacy - We will continue our learning about vowel sounds and building 3 letter CVC words. In both reading and writing we are focusing on sounding out new words and not waiting for an adult to help us.

Maths - We will continue with groupings with five (5 +2). We have some very enthusiastic maths learners.

Reminders for the week:

  • Book Bag

  • Homework Book

  • Drink Bottle

  • Library Day is on Friday.

Room 2 – Miss Webb

This term has flown by so quickly! Last week we enjoyed performing in the house waiata challenge.

Literacy: This week we will be using adjectives to add detail to our writing. It has been so exciting to see the progress in our writing since the start of the year. This week some of the reading groups will be assessed to move to the next set. We will be working hard to consolidate our sound and heart word knowledge.

Maths: This week we will continue to learn about fractions. We are learning to read and identify the symbols for halves and quarters.


  • Please remember your drink bottle, homework book and book bag everyday.

  • Our library day is Friday - please return your library book

Please do not hesitate to contact me via Seesaw or email zwebb@tearohaprimary.school.nz. Have a great week!

Room 3 – Miss Swan

Kia ora koutou

Week 9!! This term is zooming by!

Last week saw Room 3 learning about Tyrannosaurus Rex in writing, having Mrs Mac visit our classroom for Maths, and also practising and performing in the House Waiata challenge.

Literacy: We continue on with our informative report writing and look more closely at Triceratops! The children are learning to determine what is their opinion and what is a fact. Some groups are being assessed this week in reading. Keep up the great work, Room 3!

Maths: We are consolidating our learning throughout this term this week and ensuring we are remembering what we are learning! We will revisit addition and subtraction facts to 20 and explore new problem solving activities.

Reminders for the week:

  • I am assessing learning this week as we approach the end of the term and welcome Mrs Bartram and Whaea Armstrong again this week.

  • Please remember your homework books, Poem book and book bags everyday!

  • Please check at home for School library books. We have had a number of books not returned.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via Seesaw or email mswan@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Have an amazing week whānau😊


Room 4 - Mrs Suzette Willis and Team

Kia ora koutou,

Week 9 is such an exciting week for us. Our Art Exhibition is on Tuesday. Please come and see our students’ art . All available information regarding our exhibition is in the letters that were sent home. Our Kapa Haka students are also performing. It will be an enlightening whanau event!

Have a great week!


Room 5 - Miss Entwisle

Wow! It's Week 9! 😊 We welcome MrsYoung in on Monday as I will be busy with maths testing.

Reading: Our new novel Follow that Spy has been fairly short but quite interesting. We look forward to more great novels over the coming months.

Writing: Our persuasive writing is starting to take shape. Some of us are exploring the use of paragraphs in our writing.

Mathematics: We continue to develop our knowledge of Fractions.

Reminders / Online Learning - Homework

  • Our Spelling words and weekly poem and other home learning based tasks are available on Seesaw. This work is optional.

  • Students have free access to learning sites such as: Prodigy, Sumdog, Sunshine Classics, Epic! And Mathletics.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Miss Entwisle via the school office: 078848803; email: mentwisle@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through the Seesaw message function.

Room 6 – Mrs Bankier

The year and term is flying by quickly! This week I am out of the class on Tuesday testing some of the class. Mrs Bartram will be in, Room 6 always look forward to seeing her.

I have been really impressed with the progress Room 6 have made in Fractions this term. We are working on Statistics, reading and interpreting graphs of different sorts this week.

We are continuing with our reading projects on animals and pets. We are thinking about how we show excellence in our tasks we are completing.

This week we will be choosing a ‘living thing’ to write a report about and then turn into a book to share with our families on Seesaw.

We have started to learn cursive handwriting, which can be a bit tricky linking letters sometimes, but is a fun challenge and helping us to produce neater work.

Please remember our Library day is Tuesdays.

Room 7 – Mrs Paul

Wow - week 9!!!! Where has the time gone?! On Wednesday I will be out with over 30 children at the Hockey Big Day Out - the children not going will be working up in the senior block for the day.

  • In Spelling this week we will be looking at words that have double consonants - that is certain letters, at the end of closed syllables. Please remember that we are learning rules rather than words…so instead of seeing some words as easy, see it as a practise of the rules- which will later in life be applied to harder, unknown words.
  • In Maths we continue to look at probability. I have been amazed at how hard this has been for some children For example, they can tell be that rolling a 3 on a dice is a 1:6 chance, but then when asked to use words will say “certain”.....or ‘impossible”. They language around this has been a real struggle for some children. Even some of the children with excellent Language skills have struggled with some of the concepts. I have added a couple of Probability activities into Seesaw that some children may like to do at home.
  • In Literacy we are having a quick look at things ‘Kiwiana’. We will be doing explanation writing around Town Icons and reading about Kiwiana objects.

On Friday, the weather was so nice we spent a bit of time outside playing games! They wanted to learn netball and a whole pile loved it so much they played it again at lunchtime!! It was really lovely to see them all outside playing together.


Te Moananui-A-Kiwa Hub 3 News

Room 8 – Mrs McKenzie

What a fabulous and very special week we had last week with Speech finals and our Waiata challenge! I am super proud of Room 8 students for embracing the TAPS values and showing their best selves. This week we will focus on finishing up some areas before the end of the term such as Calendar Art and Fractions in maths. While the sun is shining, we will be outside having fun exercising too.

  • Literacy - This week in Writing, we start descriptive character writing which will be a bunch of fun as students investigate rich and interesting vocabulary to support their writing. In Reading, we will be investigating text all about different Forces (In line with our Topic Inquiry. This will help students to gain a bit more knowledge before we have some awesome workshops next week on Forces.
  • Maths - Students are working hard with ratios and proportions (Fractions). We finish this week with some decimal to fraction work, and also fractions of fractions problem solving.

Here’s to a great week 9 - almost the end of the term!

If you have any questions, please remember I am always happy to chat with you via email, Seesaw or in person. cmckenzie@tearohaprimary.school.nz .

Mrs McKenzie

Room 9 – Whaea Armstrong and Mrs Gamble

Kia Ora Koutou!

WOW! How are we in week 9 already?

Congratulations to all our speech finalists for their incredible efforts last week. A special mention to Joshua and Baxter who will be representing the Year 7’s in the Rotary Club speeches - Ka rawe kōrua!

Room 9 had heaps of fun taking part in Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, particularly learning traditional Maori games like Pūkana, Manu Tī and Matimati.

  • Literacy: We will be continuing our learning from last week and look at things within Te Aō Māori. This includes the purpose and features of a waka as well as myths and legends. This week we will be also looking at descriptive writing, in particular character descriptions!
  • Maths: We continue our learning around Fractions, percentages and decimals. Our big focus for this week is ratios. Mrs Gamble and Whaea Armstrong will also be testing throughout the week.

Here’s to another awesome week!

If you have any questions please feel free to message us on Seesaw or email lgamble@tearohaprimary.school.nz aarmstrong@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Have a great week everyone, Mrs Gamble and Whaea Armstrong

Room 10 – Mrs B

Kia ora koutou - He iti hau marangai e tū te pāhokahoka. Just like a rainbow after the storm, success follows failure. Last week was quite a week, with lots of special things enriching our learning. A massive congratulations to our speech finalists (we have never had all four finalists placed as 1st and 2nd equal with one point between the places!), our House Waiata Challenge and our Maori Language Week celebrations. KA MAU TE WEHI - always exciting in Rm 10 and to make memories of fun learning.

  • Maths - we complete our learning on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Mrs B will also be doing some maths testing throughout the week.
  • Literacy - we will be completing another piece of persuasive writing, which will require us to carry out research and interpret the meaning into our own words. We will also have a focus on topic specific vocabulary and the independent use of persuasive text features. We will share this on Seesaw for you to read.

Looking forward to an awesome week.

Arohanui - Mrs B dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Access to Period Products

We are very pleased to be part of the Ministry of Education‘s programme to provide free access to period products for students. Using these products is not compulsory and students can continue to bring products from home if they prefer.

Mrs B co-ordinates this, with products being discreetly given to students. If you would like your child to start receiving these products, please get in touch with Mrs B - by ringing the school office (07) 8848803 or via email dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz


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We need these firms to keep our school cashflow and community relations going strong. They are generous to us which enables us to benefit your children so I would ask you look at the team of sponsors and where possible, use them as we all gain.

School Policies and Procedures

School Policies and Procedures

SchoolDocs is the tool we use for our school policies. These are kept updated with the SchoolDocs team ensuring legal and compliance matters are always up-to-date.

To access SchoolDocs simply :

1. Go to schooldocs.co.nz

2. Click Search for your school.

3. Start typing the school’s name and select it from the dropdown list.

4. Enter the community username tearohaprimary and password school

From there it is simply a matter of navigating to areas you wish to look at - enjoy the read.

School App, Facebook, Seesaw and our School Website

Please use these tools we provide - we use them to alert, inform and effectively communicate with parents.

Check it out - there is plenty for you to find out.

If in doubt please ask your child’s teacher as we will be using these platforms on a regular basis to keep our parent community informed and up to date.