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About Our City!

Our streets are filled with luxurious patterns!For example Diffendoofer RD. and Lorax LN. are parallel, so are Furry RD. and Unless LN.! Shape RD. and Hat LN. are perpendicular, so are Furry RD. and Lorax LN.! Our intersecting streets are Diffendoofer RD. and Shape RD., Hat LN. and Shape RD.!Our translation is represented in the Diffendoofer school and the Thneedville house! Our rotation is shown by the towers on the Thneedville house! Last but not least our reflection is represented by the pink Thneedville welcoming sign holders!If you are interested in symmetric objects then Thneedville is your city! The following objects are symmetrical:the shapes in the Crazy Shape Garden, Diffendoofer school, Thneedville house, Thneedville welcoming sign, and the fabulous one and only Hat Museam!In our bush garden near the Diffendoofer school the bushes' shapes represent a hexagon, rectangle, (2D), triangular prism, and a cube, (3D)!

Pics Of Our City