News From Kindergarten

Room 004

Language Arts

Students have been learning many things in reading and writing. We have worked on writing names in upper and lower case letters, which is something we will continue to work on throughout the school year. Please practice letter recognition with your child at home.

We have been learning about end punctuation and identifying that punctuation in my morning message to the students and in context in books. We've also learned to match upper and lower case letters.

Science has been tied into literature through the books I have been reading about our unit on trees. We will soon be learning to write about trees and to label the parts of a tree or any other subject we write about.

Students learned how to sequence a story; what comes first, next, last. This is an important skill for when they will be asked to retell a story in sequential order.



In math we have been learning about numbers and counting. Students are beginning to recognize all numbers to 10. The number rhymes that they practiced this week are great for practicing the strokes for writing the numbers and also for remembering what the numbers look like. We will practice writing numbers frequently throughout the year.

Sequencing is another aspect of math that the students have been learning. Sequencing first, second, third, etc. was a bit easier than I anticipated it to be. Putting things in numerical order is a skill the students will be asked to do long after kindergarten.