Tasmanian devils

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Tasmanian Devils are marsupial mammals.

Their scientific name is sarcophili harrisi.

The Tasmanian devil is black, white and brown. They have sharp teeth with sharp claws on their hands and a backwards pouch. Their ears point upwards. A female is 4-5 kilograms.

Tasmanian Devils live in rainforests in Tasmania. They dig burrows and usually have their babies in them. Tasmanian devils spend a lot of time in their burrows sunless they need to hunt or build another burrow.

The Tasmanian devil needs food and water to survive. They also need other mammals to eat. If their food dies out, a Tasmanian devil can’t survive. One of the things they eat is wombats.

They especially need a deep burrow to hide from dangers such as man and to hide their young. Tasmanian devils give birth to live young. Their babies also live in pouches so Tasmanian devils are also marsupial. Baby Tasmanian devils are born blind and with no hair. They are very tiny and they drink milk from their mother.

Tasmanian devils get a facial cancer . This makes Tasmanian devils get big spots on their eyes, nose and mouth. This means that Tasmanian devils can’t eat drink or breathe. Because of this their numbers are slowly decreasing. They also have loss of habitat because of building construction.

When Tasmanian devils get angry, their ears turn bright red. Tasmanian devils were named by European settlers. Tasmanian devils may only live another ten to fifteen more years. The Tasmanian devil is a vulnerable species.

Dingos are a big problem to small Tasmanian devils because they mistake them for food. Tasmanian devils had to get used to this by digging their burrows deeper and mothers protecting their young better. They also had to get used to cars and human construction.

People should try to make a difference by staying clear of their habitats or they will die out like so many other species.