Good(enow) News!

Weekly Staff and Daycare Updates from Mrs. Goodenow!

Staff Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 4th, 3pm

402 Southeast East Avenue

Gilmore City, IA

Meet in the library after dismissal. Bring your laptop to access our shared Google folder.

First Full Week of School!

As students are getting back into the framework of the school day, I am observing really amazing things:

  • happy smiles as they check out a book
  • forehead wrinkles as they experiment on quarters
  • collaboration conversations as they play math games
  • focused group work on Google Slides
  • calm movement through the hallways
  • encouraging reminders on behavior expectations
  • social acceptance at recess and lunch

Let's keep up the momentum as we dive into September!

Evaluations and Professional Learning Plans

Part of being a certified staff member in our building is through setting goals and being reflective on your practice. At our staff meeting, I will be showing you the documents needed to complete this aspect of our profession. Below is a short video on how to write a SMART goal. This will be essential in the professional learning plan for the year. I will also quickly talk over the cyclical evaluation calendar that we will use the next 3 years and continue to adapt as the year progresses.
SMART Goals in Education