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AR Circuits App

AR Circuits - Augmented Reality Electric Circuit Kit

With the AR Circuits app students can build and test simple realistic circuits using augmented reality technology. The app allows you to build circuits without the expense, safety concerns, and inconveniences associated with physical electric components. The circuits are designed by arranging printed paper component cards. The circuits can then be tested and interacted with using the AR Circuits app and the camera on your mobile device. The components currently available include one battery, one switch, two bulbs, and three wires. These components allow you to build basic series and parallel circuits. (description from iTunes)

Educational Strengths

  1. Cost effective alternative to purchasing electronic kits or individual electronic components for students.
  2. Safe alternative to building traditional electronic circuits for students ages 9-11.
  3. Teaches younger students the basics of electronic circuits: series and parallel.
  4. Printable components.
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Educational Weaknesses

  1. This app costs $2.99. (Not worth the cost for what it has to offer at this point.)
  2. The user can create 2 circuits: a simple series circuit and a simple parallel circuit.
  3. You cannot mix component sets to expand the circuits.
  4. Website says they are working on more components - but at this time those are not available.

Educational Tasks

This tool was not as robust as other augmented reality apps that I have worked with previously.

It could be beneficial if used as a supplemental tool to other electronics educational tools such as

Nancy Dale K. Carver

Appalachian State University