Solar Energy

Is solar energy a legitimate alternative to fossil fuels?


Backround information

Fossil fuels are a natural fuel formed in the past from the remains of organisms such as coal or gas. Fossil fuels cause many problems such as climate change, air pollution, oil spills, and acid rain. All of these problems affect the environment, so a change would help the world. Solar energy is one of the best solutions to the use of fossil fuels. The energy is provided by the sun. It is a new source of energy that can be efficient.
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Effects on the Environment

Fossil fuels affect the water cycle during precipitation. The fumes are produced during condensation and higher pressure and creates rain. Although, the gases are condensed with the water molecules and it becomes more acidic when it is precipitated.
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The solution to this problem is solar energy because it is energy provided by the sun and it is an unlimited source to get it from.


  • Solar energy is better because it is much safer to use rather than energy created from fossil fuels that can cause problems
  • Solar energy uses the sun and it is an unlimited resource rather than most fuels which have a limited source
  • Solar energy can generate electricity without producing greenhouse gases
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Opposing Evidence

  • Solar energy can be hard to get delivered from dessert to cities.

  • There might not be enough room on roofs to fit solar panels
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