Staying fit while being beautiful

What is CrossUp?

Our company is called CrossUp and our products are work out equipment, makeup products, and accessories. We chose this product after a disagreement of whether to have a company of fitness or cosmetics (the cofounders Abigail Self, Isiah Foster, and Kiana Sargent).

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Since our company supports many different products they each come in different colors such as blue, green, black, white and more in all the products. Sizes are also quite varied since we carry light-weighted make-up that will stay on during intense work-outs and heavy equipment for working out. There is also a website where you could order t-shirts.


At CrossUp we want those of ages 13 and up that like to stay fit. Occupation and education isn’t of importance here at our local gym.  CrossUp competes with many different companies that are local such as:Gold’s Gym in Enterprise, AL, Ulta in Dothan, AL, Planet Fitness in Dothan AL,  JAX Salon in Enterprise, AL

Make that Money

We provide equipment AND sell it as well. The make-up stores have similar products that are not carried by the same company’s but our products are specialized to stay on. Our company makes on average approximately $342,900 at every individual gym/store. Here’s the list of the price of our products: Equipment ranges- $10.00- $300.00, Makeup- $3.00- $60.00, Hair Accessories- $1.50- $6.00.

Come Down Today

Let me leave you with this; Don’t you won’t your girl to look good while working out? Ladies, don’t you want your man to look good while working out in our new fitted muscle tees? Become a member of CrossUp today remember, Staying fit while being beautiful is our guarantee at CrossUp.