How to Purify Water

Location: Tropical Island

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Why is Purifying Water Important?

When stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean you might think your fine because you are surrounded by water. You are wrong. Salt water will not quench your thirst or keep you hydrated. Rather than hydrate you, salt water will do the exact opposite.

Boiling Water

Boiling water is one of the most affective ways on getting fresh water. Boiling salt water will not only exterminate bacterias and other harmful parasites, but also evaporates the salt content in the water.

Materials you need:

1.) Fire

2.) Pot/Metal bowl

3.) Salt water


First you need to have a fire going. Once you have a strong enough fire that has reached a tempurature that is exteamly hot you will move on the the next step. Next you pour the water into the pot/bowl (must be metal). Then put the bowl over the fire. You will let the bowl/pot sit over the fire for aproximently 60 seconds, or as it starts to boil. Once boiling you take the pot/bowl off the fire and let it sit and cool. Once it is at a reasonable temperature you are free to drink.