Prayers for Maddie

eye surgery scheduled for Friday, November 13

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You've given money . . . now Maddie needs prayers!

We just found out today from Mrs. Schirmer (Maddie's grandma) that Maddie will be undergoing surgery tomorrow on her eye to repair damage caused by the tumor. Her white blood count has been down, but it is up today so the surgery is on for tomorrow.
Spread the word to any prayer warriors you know--this little girl needs them!

We have $1670 in donations and contributions from all the events held for Maddie.

WAY TO GO DAWGS (and DAWGS supporters)!

Meet the talented and admired Miss Madeline Thompson who is proving to be an amazingly strong girl.

Read the whole story on 'Mighty Maddie's Caring Bridge page.

Maddie is the daughter of Phil and Katra (Schirmer, Aquin class of 1995) Thompson and the granddaughter of Mrs. Patricia Schirmer (former Forreston teacher and recently retired Aquin English teacher). She is also the big sister of Becca and Nathan. The Thompsons live in Hannibal, Missouri. She is being treated at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Katra summarizes Maddie's cancer situation this way:
"She has Medullablastoma which is a common form of brain tumors/cancer for kids. Maddie's has spread to her spine which puts her in the "high risk" category. They did genetics testing on the tumor and found that her cancer is the most common type, that is good news as far as treatment."

Send your prayers and support to this family as they fight the battle.

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