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December 2015 Media Matters

Thanks for Recognizing Educators and Past and Present Veterans!

  • Winners of the Library Veterans’ Day essay contest are Matthew Lane and Katelyn Stapp. Winners of the Veterans’ Day drawing are Cierra Hall, Dwight Indermuehle, and Mrs. DeDonder.
  • Winners of the American Education Week essay contest comprise:
First Place – Veda Tapp for recognizing Mrs. Bloomquist

Second Place – Hailey Horn for praising Mr. Gene Wirsig

  • Champions of the candy count include: First Place – Venessa Kunkel, Second Place – Tyrin Holman, Third Place – Mayra Cervantes, and Teachers Mrs. Roth & Mrs. Ritchie.

The correct answer is 202 candy pieces. Thank you to all the participants!

Visit the library for prizes and details.

International Games Day

Students participated in the annual International Games Day November 18, 2015, hosted in the EHS Learning Commons. A variety of games were provided including traditional board and card games like checkers and Battleship as well as untraditional games like Mario Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii and the massively multiplayer online game Agar.io. Additionally, students were welcome to make their own dream catcher as part of a MakerSpace project to celebrate the event.

Refreshments were provided and many students enjoyed the afternoon with crafts, games, and friends. Enjoy memorable photos capturing students in action.

Additional details are available.

Recycled Reads Make a Difference - Donate Games and Books

Bring gently used games and books to the library to be given to area needy families. Retired teacher Mrs. Cunningham requested we share materials. Since her move to Belize, she requested book donations for her community. Although most donations will remain in Lyon County, some books will be sent to Belize. Share the joy of reading!

Crafty Creations

Add a little holiday cheer to your space with Pinterest ideas! While decorating, enjoy these holiday book trailers.

If you need a perfect gift for a special person, consider Book Gifting!

Twelve Days of Reading

Inspire others and incorporate holiday themes in a new way! This display features the twelve days preceding Christmas with a twist of unique celebrations for each day. Tie the festivities to your collection and decorate the inside of each box to reflect the chosen book. The possibilities are endless!

Sample celebration days include:

  • Chocolate Day - December 24 - In 2013, the world consumed 70,000 tons more chocolate than it produced.
  • National Bread Day - December 22 - One internet poll found that 38 percent of people give away their fruitcake, rather than eat it.
  • Go Caroling Day - December 20 - Like many Christmas traditions, caroling was originally a pagan practice which was adopted by Christianity in the 14th century and accompanied by dancing.
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Enjoy local news!

Celebrate National Aviation - Soar with an Amazing Read!

Access these links and learn more about aviation history:

Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

Kansas Aviation Museum

National Museum of the US Air Force

Photo of Stearman Trainer courtesy of the Kansas Aviation Museum.

Wikimedia becomes a Learning Vehicle

Although academics value credible resources, the Wiki Education Foundation may actually be a teaching tool. Learn how Wikimedia facilitates educators and students accomplishing curricular objectives.

Love to Teach

If you love teaching and hate poverty, make time to read and share this LOVE TEACH article.​

The article "Educating Students who live in Poverty" offers research-based support for educators and parents. "What You Can Do for Students Living in Poverty" provides realistic tips dealing with less than fortunate students.

Unleash your Inner Genius

Unleash Inner Genius: Track your curiosity and informal learning

"Geniuses keep journals…we’re ALL geniuses we just need to get organized! Find tips, tools, and techniques to track and build upon your curiosity, learning, and ideas. Whatever your interest, whatever your talent, the library supports it."

"Seeing is Believing!"

Enjoy this insightful article about glasses designed to open a new world for the colorblind. Those with a “color-vision deficiency” may appreciate the opportunity to see a kaleidoscope of colors.

Future STEM Jobs

"The future belongs to you!" Imagine new industries with jobs utilizing sustainable green products thanks to plastics made from plant-based biomass — grasses, crops and after-harvest leftovers. "Growing Kansas Jobs with Sustainable Plastic" is merely one example of a KU Elevate TED Talk-style presentation.

Voices of Kansas - Express Yourself!

Voices of Kansas welcomes poetry, creative fiction and non-fiction, and artwork from educators and students. Visit the website for details, deadlines, and prizes.

Festive Ideas

From a library-inspired Twelve Days of Christmas to YALSA's Classic to Contemporary and 8 Books for Hanukkah booklists, enjoy cheery ideas on a winter day.


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