Don't smoke Marijuana

where Marijuana will land you

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a drug also known as "weed"! It comes from a plant! It is widely used in america! Mostly teenagers!
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What is so dangerous 'bout smok'n what teens do?

If you smoke Marijuana (weed), it can negatively effect yor brain, can cause lung cancer, and it can stress you out!

How can Marijuana effect you more?

Marijuana does not only effect your lungs, it can also effect regular users phichologically! It can lead to illness in teens if ever used by them and can kill you! They cause chemicals from the plant that can cause illness to the lungs, brain, and leukocytes in your body!

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Beware! For if you smoke Marijuana, you will be sent to a first hand meeting with Satan!

Smoking is bad for the body in which god has given to your parents to send you into the world in which you live in! So if you ever wanted to meet Satan, this is one way to do it!