Weekly Memo

January 18-22, 2016





Thursday: Board Meeting 6:00

Friday: Jana working with 3-5, Conference Principal meeting

Parking Lot Duty: Parker Classroom Monitor:

Detention: Monday:

Tuesday: Slizewski

Thursday: Bond

Character Trait for January : Determination. Please get names to be by Friday.

Curriculum Teams

Writing Team will be meeting to discuss where we are in writing. Bring a sample of what your students are currently writing in class and writing standards that are or will be on the report card.

Teacher Teacher Covering

Maddox Cornman

Polowy Goodman

Thomas Vogel

Schultz Watson

A Beck Mayotte

P Beck Rosenbaum




Friday, January 22, 2016. Candidates were to have names of elementary students that are participating to Mrs. Pohlman today. Permission slips will be sent out and those students will be allowed to participate in the parade. Sarah Wisdom and Kelly Randle will be supervising this event as I need to attend the conference principals’ meeting.

1:40 start walking to the HS, 1:50 the parade begins, 2:00 cheerleaders kick off the event, 2:05 intro of candidates, 2:10 cheers, 2:15 Minute to win it games (elem students will be asked to participate) 2:30 Coaches talk about teams, 2:35 skit, 2:40 Court Game, 2:50 Cheer. As the parade finishes please come into the gym and sit on the bleachers. Kindergarten and first grade, if you would like to go ahead and sit in the gym to watch the parade you certainly can do that. We will need to be back at the elementary by 3:00 for dismissal changes and preparation for departure. Mrs. Pohlman suggested leaving after the minute to win it games-but stay for the coaches introduction of teams. You can wear jeans if you participate in the spirit day events.