American Revolution

Otherwise known as "lol get rekt England"

When and Where?

  • Lasted from 1775-1783
  • Took place in America
  • A battle between England and the 13 colonies

What was the cause?

  • Tension between Britain and the American colonies
  • British government taxed the colonies (Stamp Act, Sugar Act, etc.)
  • Colonies had a lack of representation in Parliament
  • Boston Massacre
  • Boston Tea Party, followed by the Intolerable Acts
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The American Side (led by George Washington)

  • Most colonists were on this side
  • Upset over lack of representation and unfair taxation
  • Wanted independence from Britain
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The British Side (led by King George III)

  • Some colonists (Loyalists) and the British were on this side
  • The British had taxed the colonists to pay for a war
  • The British wanted to keep the colonies

What were the results?

  • The Colonies were now free states no longer ruled by England
  • The American side gained independence
  • The British side lost the colonies
  • For the Americans, the revolution was successful