3 Great People!

3 mini bios of 3 great people

The Story of William the Conqueror

Name: William the Conqueror (aka William the Bastard), Born: Around 1027, Place: Falaise, France

Significant Battles

He defeated the combined armies of King Henry the First of France and Count Geoffrey Martel of Anjou, took control of the Anglo-Saxon throne with a claim of birthright

Other Events in His Life

Crowned king of England in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day of 1066, took over the country of Maine

A Quote

''I have persecuted its native inhabitants beyond all reason....''

An Interesting Fact.....

He was illiterate when he was crowned king and spoke no English.

Important Decisions

He had a book made that had in it all the landholdings of himself and all his vassals called the Doomsday (Domesday) book.

Why Should We Care?

With the creation of the Doomday book, certain Latin terms that were used in it are still in use today.

The Beginning

Name: Joan of Arc (The Maiden of Orleans), Born: January 6, 1412, in Doremy, France

Significant Battles

Captured the outlying fortress of Saint Loop, the fortress of St. Augustins, The Hundred Years War.

Other Events

Turned the Anglo-French coflict into an all out religious battle

A Quote

''You say that you are my judge; I do not know if you are, but take good heed not to judge me ill, because you would put yourself in great peril.''

Interesting Facts

While commander of the French army, Joan wasnt in any active combat, she had a notoriously bad temper, and she inspired the ever-famous bob haircut!

Important Deecisions

Turning the Anglo-French conflict into an all out religiou war.

Why Should We Care

She was made a saint because of her acts as a female knight, and she also helped pave the way for womens' rights.

Her Most Significant Accomplishments

Makin it into the army, becoming commander, meeting King John, helping Charles the Seventh get crowned.

Old King John

Name: King John (aka King Lackland), Born: December 24, 1199

Significant Battles

The battle in which he loses Normandy to King Phillips the Second (1202-04)

Other Events

He had a dispute with the Pope (Innocent the Third) that led to his excommunication, had a war with the North and Southern barons.

A Quote

Mad world! mad kings! mad composition!

Interesting Facts

He was nicknamed John Lackland after he lost a large portion of his land to King Phillip

Important Decisions

The signing of the Magna Carta (although he didnt have too much of a choice!)

Why We Should Care

The Magna Carta has impacted the way our laws are made today. For example, on the Bill of Rights, we get the right to due process, trial by a jury of our peers, and many more from the Magna Carta!

Most Significant Accomplishment

The creation and signing of the Magna Carta