The Fed

by Marly Harman


The fed stablizes and keeps the economy safe. It regulates nations money supply through the FOMC(Federal open market committee.) The fed supervises banks and oversees the development and function of hte nations payment system. It is located in Wasington D.C.

The board of Goveners takes on the rsponsibilites of the the fed and follows through with regulating the money.

The FOMC oversees the open market operations. They make key decisions about intrest rates and and the growth of the united states money supply.

The bureau of engraving and printing designs and produces a variety of security options for the government. it took over producing postage stamps for the government.

The mint produces all the coin and money we can buy things with and trade with. The first builing was in philadelphia and then in the capitol of the united states. With having more mint branches they had to make a way to identify the origin of where the money was made.