Paw Prints November 2021

The Newsletter of Auburn Early Education Center

Principal's Message

Hello AEEC Families and Happy Fall!

Thank you once again for all of your support during our annual campaign drive! We have plans underway to utilize these funds to support the students, teachers, and families of AEEC. We exceeded our goal which allows us to continue our current programming as well as move forward with growth initiatives.

Veterans Day: On Wednesday, Nov. 10 our students will be performing songs, reading writings, and participating in activities to honor our veterans. Thank you for submitting stars and videos of your friends and family members of the military! Stay tuned for pictures and videos from the event.

Beat Bama Food Drive:

Nov. 1-17 is our Beat Bama Food Fight. Nonperishable items can be brought to school any day during that window. This friendly competition with U of A is a fun way to do a community project to support East Alabama Food Bank.

Masks Optional: With the 6-week trend under one half of 1% for ACS students and staff, we are currently operating as masks optional. We are maintaining cleaning protocols as usual. Please reach out should you have any questions.

Attendance Reminders: We must have a hard copy of a doctor's note or parent excuse any time a student is out related to health or illness. This also applies to funeral and religious holidays. These days will be excused. All other days, including travel, will be marked as unexcused. Periodically we run reports and send warning letters, and then any student who reaches 7 unexcused absences will be referred to early earning truancy. We appreciate your support in ensuring your child is receiving the optimal education of which attendance is the first step!

Curriculum News

We are rolling strong into the second quarter of the school year! Our teachers are working hard each and every day with your child(ren). If you have time this month, please be sure to send them a thankful note or email. It is always nice to hear positive and uplifting thoughts from parents.

This month for Curriculum News, we are going to focus on ways to practice high frequency words. The terms high frequency words and sights words are often used as synonyms but a sight word is thought of differently when it comes to reading research. Here is a little background on both types of words.

A high frequency word, is a word that is commonly used in speaking, writing, and reading every day. Students come into contact with these words countless times a day and are often the “glue” for young readers to be able to read stories and write stories. High frequency words are often taught before they are phonetically taught because young readers need to be able to automatically recognize them in books that they read (e.g. the, all, from). These words help stories to “make sense.”

A sight word is any word that can be automatically pulled from a child’s lexicon (a person’s vocabulary). Whether it is seen on a flashcard or seen in context of a story. Once a word is stored in a child’s lexicon, it is known as a sight word. Young readers are building words every day to store in their lexicons, and once these words are automatically stored in their lexicons, then it becomes known as a sight word. For example, if your child can read the word “dinosaur” automatically while reading a story aloud to you, then “dinosaur” is a sight word to him or her.

But whether you call it a high frequency word or a sight word, please keep in mind that the purpose of learning these words is to build automaticity of recognizing these “glue” words in reading and writing. Each grade level has a specific list they focus on for each of the nine weeks. When you choose to practice these high frequency words (sight words), please keep the following tips in mind:

1) Look for high frequency words in books, magazines, or any other print and read that word within the context of the sentence.

2) Practice high frequency words by using your entire body (sky write, sidewalk chalk, arm tapping, singing, dancing, etc.)

3) Always see, spell, write the word, and use it in a sentence to build context of the word.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have included high frequency words for each grade level that your child will be learning over the next nine weeks. You can reach me at or call the school at 334-887-4950. Always remember, you are your child’s number one advocate and you play the most important role in your child’s success in school! Thank you!

Kindergarten High Frequency Words

2nd Quarter (End of Quarter): went, my, are, little, he, in, you she, do, with

First Grade High Frequency Words

2nd Quarter (Mid-Assessment): be, have, from, all, your, said, will, who, you, are

2nd Quarter (End of Quarter): the, this, that, what, he, there, with, each, they, which, ask, thank, from, old, stop, them, then, think, were, take

Second Grade High Frequency Words

2nd Quarter (Mid-Assessment): why, think, give, know, would, went, still, ask, where, from

2nd Quarter (End of Quarter): always, around, because, before, many, over, follow, another, picture, again, sentence, away, letter, mother, study, should, different, place, green, answer

Always Be Kind– Dr. Dorman

Reading News

The Fall season of the year is such a wonderful time to “FALL into READING! I hope you can find some cozy fall reads to kick off your season of reading as you are gathering your pumpkins, spices, and everything else that is very nice. I hope you find much time to read, read, and read some more! I have so many books about Fall and Thanksgiving! When you have some time check out some of my favorite stories on My list is full of books from “Turkey Trouble” to “The Legend of Spookley” and so much more. When you and your child read your favorite book either online, at home, or wherever your cozy place may be, parents please e-mail me, take a picture, and post them because “FALLING INTO READING” is such a wonderful thing to do.

Counselor News

In guidance during the month of November, we will be learning all about our new word of the month, CONTENTMENT (choosing to be happy with what you have). This month we will also be learning about Erin’s Law through our K-2 age appropriate curriculum “Safer, Smarter Kids”. For more information regarding this topic you can visit and

Nurse News

Happy kickoff to the holiday season! Thank you for your help in keeping all of our students healthy & safe while monitoring from home! Just a quick reminder that if you are picking up a student related to a health concern, the nurse pick-up sign located through the front staff parking lot in front of the Tiger's Den is a quick & convenient way to help us reduce the spread of germs here at AEEC. Well wishes!

Nurse Haley

Media Center News

During Library Media classes, students have been introduced to genre and are learning about the vast variety of literacy genres in our library. We had a scavenger hunt through the library searching for all types of call numbers. We also got to take a “Shelfie” with the book we found!

Our first book fair for the year was a huge success thanks to all of you who visited the fair. As Computer Science Week draws near, it’s an exciting time in the library as students are being introduced to a variety of robots. Remember to keep reading and marking off those AEEC Book Bingo squares. “A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.”

Music and Art News


Square1Art Orders are currently being processed, and all items should arrive at school before Thanksgiving Break! Many thanks to those of you who ordered; your support is appreciated! If you forgot to order or need another item, you can still purchase online through their website-you’ll just need to pay for shipping now.

All students have been working on some Fall themed 2-dimensional artwork while experimenting with some new processes. The art room has been filled with spooky silhouette drawings, oil pastel pumpkins, color monster marker paintings, leaf prints, origami owls, and more!


We have been having a blast this month with fall-themed music lessons - our favorite songs are “Pass the Pumpkin,” “Five Little Pumpkins,” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” We are looking ahead to Veterans Day and discovering what it means to be a veteran. We are singing patriotic music, connecting music to American history, and learning about the importance of music in our country. Our favorite patriotic songs are “This Land is Your Land” and “Thankful for the USA.”

PTO News

October was an exciting month for AEEC! We had a very successful campaign and look forward to continuing to support the students, staff, and families of AEEC as well as plan for some new ways. We also enjoyed visiting with AEEC families at Family Movie Night. Thank you for your generosity and support of our school!

A few reminders for November:

- The Scholastic Book Fair is Monday, 11/1- Friday, 11/5. Please make plans to come and shop with your child!

- The AEEC School Store is open until Monday, November 8th. Please use the QR code or link below to buy AEEC gear (i.e. shirts, sweat shirts, bag tags, etc.).

Upcoming Dates for AEEC

November 1st: Birthday Bash Activities (rescheduled due to weather)/Food Drive Begins

November 4th: Farmer Brown (rescheduled due to weather)

November 10th: Veterans Day Program for Students

November 11th: Veterans Day Holiday (No School)

November 18th: Food Drive Ends

November 22nd: Progress Reports Go Home

November 24th-26th: Thanksgiving Holidays (No School)