King Henry 1

By Josh Vanderpool

Basic Information and Early Years of his Reign

Born on September 1068 in Selby, United Kingdom and died December 1, 1135 in Lyons-la-Foret, France. He apparently had 12 children and had 4 siblings. He was also known as Henry Beauclerc. He was educated by Latin and the liberal arts.

Henry's hope arose when Robert departed for the Holy Land on the First Crusade; should William die, Henry was the obvious heir. Henry denounced William's oppressive policies and promising good government in an effort to appease his barons.

Later Years of his Reign

He was a great patron of Monasteries, most notably of Reading abbey, in which he was buried. By 1101 he was sufficiently powerful to resist Robert’s invasion of England and to agree terms with him which confirmed Henry’s kingship in England. The last years of King Henry, Henry forced his barons to swear an oath of allegiance to Matilda in 1127 after he arranged her marriage to the sixteen-year-old Geoffrey of Anjou to cement an Angevin alliance on the continent.
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Other Facts and Accomplishments

Henry was drawn into controversy with a rapidly expanding Church. Lay investiture, the king's selling of clergy appointments, was heavily opposed by Gregorian reformers in the Church but was a cornerstone of Norman government. Henry rescinded the king's divine authority in conferring sacred offices but appointees continued to do homage for their fiefs. One accomplishment and what he was famous for was that the restoring the English laws of King Edward the Confessor.

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