Sedimentary Metamorphic Igneous

These are the three rock categories that all rocks fit into.

Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous Rocks

*Sedimentary- Created by the moving of body's of water and when the water moves the sand and gets packed together that's when the rocks form with different layers.

*Metamorphic- These rocks are created when they morph into another type of rock metamorphic rocks were once sedimentary or igneous rocks.

*Igneous- These rocks were created by the cooling of lava. The way lava cools depends on the look of the rock.

* Rock Cycle- A system that is constantly going or moving.

12 of the most famous rocks around the world.


About The Joke

If you get it good. But if you don't understand the rock hurt the paper and the scissors and asked them if they wanted to play again and their scared.

The Wave-

There are over 10,000 types of rocks found in the wave. The darker strips are algae growing. We can tell from the past that a river ran through there, and moved sediment to make the waves layers. The wave was formed by water, erosion, and weathering. Now the environment isn't doing very well because people are littering.

Devils Tower-

The hike is 8 miles to get up to the tower. The devils tower was formed by intrusion. The devils tower used to be magma and lava so it caused destruction. Now people and climb up the tower and do not have to worry about getting burned.

Half Dome-

A maximum of 300 people are allowed each day on the dome. To hike up the the top of the dome it takes about 10 - 14 hours.


This is located in Cannon Beach Oregon. It's a 235 sea stack.

Ship Rock-

This rock is located in New Mexico. It can be seen from miles away.

Beacon Rock-

The trail was made in 1915 to 1918, by Henry Biddle. It towers over the Columbia River.

Natural Bridge-

The natural bridge is 100 feet wide 20 stories high and 40 feet thick.

Stone Mountain-

The is stone carving is located in North Carolina. The wall is 600 foot granite.

El Captain-

This rock is located in Yosemite National Park. It's elevation is 2,307 meters.

Delicate Arch-

There are about 2,000 more arches in the same area as the delicate arch. There are 50 sites to camp at when traveling to the arch.

Plymouth Rock-

Nearly one million people come to see the rock every year. This is an important symbol in American history.

Mount Rushmore-

This is located in South Dakota. This beautiful site opened on October 31 1941.