Teacher Leadership

Issues for Exploration

Big Question: How must schools change to accommodate the new teacher leader?

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5 Questions...

1) How can we develop and expand the roles of teachers in their schools, districts, and the profession to support K-12 student learning?

~ provide opportunities for leadership

~ promote collaboration, support and teamwork

~ collective responsibility for student success

~ opportunities for teachers to remain connected to the classroom and students while assuming roles and responsibilities in leadership opportunities (in or outside the classroom)


~ "hybrid" roles for teachers

~ shared leadership within the school (school policies, curriculum, professional development)

~ common planning time for teachers and/or released time to collaborate with peers

~ professional development embedded into the normal job

~ recognition for teacher leadership

2) How can we optimize the culture/learning environment and organizational structures of schools to support teacher leadership?

~ teachers as professionals with experience

~ teachers work effectively and collaboratively with colleagues

~ value in collaboration and support from peers when in leadership roles

~ shared leadership, mutual accountability and differentiated roles

~ principals "more engaged as leaders of teacher leaders"


Short version - Professional Learning Animation AITSL

3) How can we best prepare and support teachers in assuming leadership roles?

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

~ develop skills during course work and student teaching (focus within higher ed)

~ instruct teachers on adult learning theories

~ give access to research (new technologies, effective teaching practices)

~ teacher engagement in informal leadership roles (supportive people) * (Video later)

~ teach action research and facilitation skills

~ develop teacher leadership networks

~ redesign of principal preparation programs and provide them professional development on how to be supportive

4) How can we promote, recognize, and reward teacher leadership?

~ recruit from college graduates and job changers

~ retain talented teachers


~ staffing models within the states and locally

~ structures for licensing and credentials

~ engage all stakeholders in the criteria for selecting teacher leaders (formally)

~ systems of rewards

~ compensation systems

~ evaluation system

5) How can we best implement and sustain teacher leadership over time?

~ trust and collaboration established among stakeholders

~ training for group leadership


~ resources

~ time availability

~ teacher compensation

~ teacher rewards and recognition

~ assessment of effectiveness

~ replication of effectiveness


~ advocate for grants

~ train all stakeholders

~ incorporation of teacher leadership (National Boards, certification, teacher evaluation, etc.)

~ reliable assessments as measurement of skills

~ standards-based assessment and evaluation at all levels

~ develop "best practices" for use

~ develop teacher networks (local, state, national)

~ adaptation of teacher leadership in response to new challenges, trends and research

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"Teacher leadership is an idea whose time has come."