The 2B Times

Issue 12 - March 25, 2016

Dear 2B Families,

Thank you all for coming to our second Curriculum Share! Your participation and attendance made it so successful and memorable for the kids. For the families that missed it, this newsletter is dedicated to Curriculum Share. We have several videos below for you. Enjoy!

Important Dates

  • Friday, 4/1 - Parent Teacher conferences: No School
  • Tuesday, 4/5 - DOE Vision Screening
  • Monday, 4/25 - Spring Break Begins: No School
  • Monday, 5/2 - Classes Resume

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher conferences will begin on Wednesday, March 30th, through Friday, April 1st. To sign up for conference, please use the link:

Then insert our classroom’s entry code:

2B | 2C31126098

Curriculum Share

In inquiry this term, we explored how signs and symbols facilitate communications. 2B Gritty Geckos decided that they would design a logo that represents themselves and to make this even more special, we personalized our own shirts with these logos! Using these logos as a secret code that represented a letter in the alphabet, our 2B families had to decode a secret message that said...

"Today we will sign the song, Love in Any Language!"


Curriculum Share Part 1 - March 2016
Curriculum Share Part 2 - March 2016
Love in Any Language - Sign Language - March 2016

Dance Share

Dance Part 1 - March 2016
Dance Part 2 - March 2016

Learner Profile of the Month

Big image
For the month of February, BPCS focused on a school-wide learner profile: reflective. Reece, Tenzin, Grey, and Celina exemplified what it looks like to be reflective in our community! This month, we asked other students to give examples of how their friends were reflective and this is what they said:


“He goes back to look for his mistake.”

“He took the time to reflect and told the truth, then apologized.”


“He always goes to the bathroom with me.”

“He always goes back to fix his mistakes.”


“He makes a poor choice and reflects on it.”

"He apologized to me when he kicked me."


“She always reflects on what good stuff other people are doing."

"She gives shout-outs all the time.”