Digital Citizenship Project

Onna H. p.5

Rule 1: Digital Edicate

Be kind to others- Like having good manners and treating others with respect and common courtesy. You don't want to start flame wars or be a troll. this is a set of rules on how to behave online.

Rule 2: Information Privacy

Think about what information your putting out- Before you share your information be careful of what your putting out there. Think about who will be seeing it and if people can share it. don't share any personal information like (passwords, addresses, or IDs).

Rule 3: Social Networking

Don't share anything inappropriate - Social Networking is a way for people to communicate and meet online. If any teachers or student look on your page you don't want them to think of you in a bad way. People that in hire you to work and college administrators will look at your social media. Your profile is your identity so be careful with it.

Rule 4: Online Safety

Stay safe- Try to stay anonymous, don't give out personal information. If you need a screen name try something totally different from your real one. Some cites ask for your address; ask your parents if you can give out that information. Be careful with strangers if they email you just ignore it.

Rule 5: Cyberbullying

Always be nice to people- You can stick up for other kids and help scare a bully off. Tell an adult about what's going on. If they don't stop then Ignore them or block them. Cyberbullying is a form of harassment and can get really serious.