Southwood School

May 2020

In This Edition

-Our Next Homework Package Pick Up

-Southwood Student Contest Challenges

-Chocolate Fundraiser Update

-Library Opens for "Curbside" Pick Up

-Transition for Grade 4 Students to Grade 5 (2019/2020)

-Kindergarten 2020/2021 Orientation

-School Supplies Online Ordering - 2020/2021

-School of Choice Deadline

-Student Youtube Access @ Home


-Educational & COVID-19 Updates

-Did You Know? - Visiting the Southwood School Website

-Important Dates

Homework Package Pick Up

Our next homework package pick up will be on Monday, May 11th. Please come to the school between 9:30 and 11:00 to pick up your students packages.

Southwood Student Contest Challenges

Thank you to all of our participants who submitted their photo's for the Lego and MakerSpace Cardboard Game challenges. We loved seeing all of your many creations!! Congratulations to all of the winners, they will be receiving Dairy Queen coupons!

Currently, we are running our Earth Week Challenge - April 27th to May 4th. The details are as follows:

1) Make an Earth Day song
2) Write an Earth Day poem
3) Plant a garden, flowers or a tree
4) Go around their neighbourhood with their family and help clean it up.

Once students have completed their challenge, take a photo or video of it and send it to by May 4th to be entered.

*Please continue to check in at for updates on our next set of Student Contest Challenges!

-Bike Safety Month Challenge - May 11th to May 22nd

-Fort Building Challenge - May 25th to June 5th

-Science Project Challenge - June 8th to 15th

-Neighboorhood Kindness Challeng - June 16th to June 25th

Chocolate Fundraiser Update

A great big THANK YOU goes out to all of you that participated in and contributed to our chocolate fundraiser this year! A large portion of the proceeds will go towards our nature playground project and special school events.

Many weekly prizes were distributed to our students throughout the sales campaign with 29 grand prizes distributed to our top sellers. Way to go!

Also, we wish to send a special thank you to our volunteer team for the many hours of your donated time and efforts. We appreciate you!

Library Opens for "Curbside" Pick Up

Students! Do you love to read? We’ve got some exciting news for you! We are now offering “curbside” pick up for library books.

Students can follow the instructions posted on the Southwood School website using their HSD username and password to login and place holds on books. Mrs. Locke will then contact the student’s parents to arrange a pick up time. (Please remember that once a request has been prepared there will be a 24-36 hour wait before books will be available).

Library books can be picked up at the pre-arranged time on the table outside the front doors of the school and there will be a drop off box on the same table for any books coming back.

Students are allowed up to a maximum of four books at a time. Please see the website for more details at

Transition for Grade 4 Students to Grade 5 (2019/2020)

By now, all parents of students who will be attending Grade 5 at Clearspring Middle School or Stonybrook Middle School next year (2020/2021) should have received an introductory letter from their prospective schools. In mid May, these schools will be posting introductory and informative information on their websites. Please check in with their websites for any updates during this time of transitioning into grade 5.

Kindergarten 2020/2021 Orientation

Kindergarten Orientation provides us with the opportunity to connect with you, your child, and share important school information. Due to COVID-19 and the indefinite suspension of classes, our Kindergarten Orientation looks different this year.

We sent out a Questionnaire as a way to learn more about your child and allow us to better plan for their success in Kindergarten. A Southwood School teacher contacted you to ask some clarifying questions based on the information you shared, and provided you and your child the opportunity to ask questions about Kindergarten.

You can click on the link below to find additional information that would have been shared with you during our Kindergarten Orientation.

School Supplies Online Ordering - 2020/2021 School Year

Staples and Southwood School will be partnering up for supplying prepacked school supplies for this coming school year.

School supplies can be purchased at Staples online or at the local Steinbach Staples store.

More details to come!

School of Choice Deadline

If you are planning to complete school of choice forms(s) for your student(s) to attend a school out of your catchment area please hand them into your school of the Hanover School Division office no later than May 15, 2020.

Student Youtube Access @ Home - A Message from HSD - Information & Communication Technology Services

Student Youtube Access @ Home

Youtube is the largest video sharing service in the world and can be a valuable tool in the delivery of video content in Education. Although the service and content can be valuable it is also important to know that not all content on Youtube is considered safe. Youtube admits that their content filters are not 100% accurate. In order to provide as safe a Youtube environment as possible, without limiting access to accurate material, the Hanover School Division (HSD) recommends the following:

  • Students use a Chromebook when accessing Youtube. By using a Chromebook, HSD currently:

    • Blocks all comment sections from Youtube

    • Blocks all suggested videos from Youtube (some are inappropriate)

    • Blocks all live chatting on Youtube Live Streams

    • Uses AI to analyze all video content and reactively block material if it is deemed inappropriate. This AI then alerts divisional staff and a review of the content is then conducted

    • Monitors all Chromebook activity

    • Enforces strict content restrictions for all Early Years students

    • HSD uses GoGuardian to block and restrict the access listed above

  • Students using personal devices at home should NOT be logging into Youtube with their HSD email address. Google does not provide robust Youtube management tools and therefore we cannot provide filtering or restrictions to the same level as we can with Chromebooks. It is suggested that students using Youtube at home:

    • Stay logged out of Youtube

    • Have families configure Youtube Parental Controls on devices students may use at home. Instructions can be found here: Please note that these instructions do require a parent to sign in to Youtube to enable restricted mode. Please use a home email address and not an HSD email address to configure

  • Students using a personal device AND logging into Youtube will:

    • Be able to post comments with their full name shown

    • Be able to see all Youtube suggested videos. These videos are linked to search items on the device being used and could contain inappropriate content

    • Be able to live chat on Youtube Live Streams


If you are planning to move locations during the summer please call our office at 204-326-3518 as soon as possible or the school division at 204-326-6471 after June 30th. Thank you!

Educational & COVID-19 Updates

For up to date information on COVID-19 and educational updates visit the Hanover School Division website at

Did You Know? - Visiting the Southwood School Website

Our website is full of information and is constantly updated for any information you may need.

Find information on home learning, kindergarten registration, bus schedules, and literacy links, just to name a few.

Stay connected by visiting to keep up to date!

Dates to Remember

May 2020

May 4 - Final day of the Earth Week Challenge

May 11-22 - Bike Safety Month Challenge

May 15 - School of Choice Deadline

May 25 - Fort Building Challenge Begins

June 2020

Jun 5 - Final day of the Fort Building Challenge

Jun 8-15 - Science Project Challenge

Jun 16-25 - Neighborhood Kindness Challenge