I Want That Job

By: Tate Christensen

Job Description

A Neurologist does many different things. They use brain waves to determine sleep disorder, epilepsy and other disorders. They also check your nervous system to make sure it is not damaged.

A Cool Fact About This Job

Most things that a Neurologist does includes looking at somebodies brain!

Companies that hire in this field

How Does This Benefit Society

One way that this job benefits society is that they find the right treatment for patients if something serious happens to them.

Education Requirement and Skills Needed

You need 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school resulting in a MD or DO degree, one year of internship, and at least three years of training in a accredited neurology residency program.

Personality Needed For The Job

You need the be highly observant, empathetic, and analytical, with outstanding communication skills and a strong desire to help others.

Annual Salary or Wages

  1. Min. Wage - $15,080
  2. U.S. Mean Annual Wage - $48,320
  3. Neurologist - $187,200

Projected Job Growth

Faster than average. ( 14% - 20% )