The Name of this Book is Secrect

By: Pseudonymous Bosch


The main characters is this book are Cassandra (Cass) or Max-Ernest. One day Cass was at her grandfathers' house when Gloria, the real estate agent, brought a box of an old magicians stuff. In the box Cass found something labeled "The Symphony of Smells." "The Symphony of Smells" was a case full of viles that held many different smells. Cass and Max-Ernest decide to go and investigate by going to the magician's house, as they were there they found the magician's mysterious notebook. They left the house in a rush because Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L chased them out. Cass and Max-Ernest decided to read the notebook as soon as possible. They find that the end of the notebook is ripped out and missing, but before that they learned about the magician's twin brother and how they got into the circus. They also learned about a mysterious "Golden Lady" who sound a lot like Ms. Mauvais. Soon after that Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L showed up at Cass' school and seemed to be very interested in some paintings painted by a student, that student soon went missing, Cass was the only one that saw a car drive away at that time of day, the car had a label on the side of it saying the "Midnight Sun." Cass decided to go to the "Midnight Sun" and get to the bottom of things.

Genre: Mystery/Adventure

Tone: Curious

Theme: Teamwork

Foil Characters

I think that Ms. Mauvais would be a foil character. I think this because she is always acting like she is perfect and she never shows her flaws and she always cares what everyone thinks. Cass and Max-Ernest like to show off their flaws and they do not care what everyone else thinks.


I would ask Cass why she never says no to people when they ask her to do something or take something.