The Story Behind Zambini

'Zambini Kids' is not just another business selling children's clothing. It is a Zambian company, selling Zambian designed and manufactured children's clothing made from African grown cotton. This Chitenge fabric makes for wild, bright, wonderful clothing that will definitely make you smile.

There is more to us than meets the eye! Our staff are all women 'with a story'. Some of them are grandmothers who are supporting their grandchildren because their parents have died of Aids; others are widows who have no financial support; some are HIV positive who have been shunned by relatives and friends; others may be orphans; a few are invalids.

We ensure that all our women are well trained. They not only receive training in tailoring but we also offer training in accounting and business development. This helps our employees set up their own business if they so wish.

At Zambini Kids everyone is equal. They are treated with dignity and we ensure that everyone is paid a fair wage and works a reasonable number of hours in the day. Because the women need to take care of their children we have very flexible working hours. We make sure we keep our staff happy and healthy.

Material Mix

The jewellery is made of many different materials. It started with mainly Tagua, which is the seed of a palm tree in South America, also called vegetable ivory.

Over the years it has developed into a mix of Tagua, Seeds, Wood, Glass, and many more according to the wishes and tastes of customers.

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