Ages 8+

The NEW! Soccer Board by Bobby's Toybox Inc.

If your kids love the game of soccer but its the off season or its a rainy day, they can still enjoy their favorite game. This game is intended for players age 8+ who like the game of soccer. so all of the players can understand the rules. The contents consist of one SoccerBoard game board, two SoccerBoard minifigures, as well as two SoccerBoard balls. To play the game, the two players hold their minifigure and try to hit the ball into the opponents net.

Where to Advertise

We suggest placing ads in places where younger, and at least slightly athletic kids who like sports. We could place this flyer in a soccer arena maybe in the kids clubs at the arenas or even just on the walls. You could also advertise in a toy store. Consumers would enjoy this because they like the game of soccer and kids are always looking for new games to play.

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