Food Costs

Control your food to succeed


When receiving shipment, always examine it to ensure that it's okay to be used and kept in the restaurant. Otherwise, it can lead to food safety and food disease later on.


Store your products at the correct temperature so that later on, it's safe to use and you won't lose any money. Always check your products time to time and check the temperature to make sure they won't spoil.


Prepare food at caution to ensure food safety. If not, this can lead to an food-borne illness. Use one equipment at a time, wash your hands, and change gloves every task.


Cooking kills bacteria but not viruses. Make sure you don't contaminate the food. You can ensure this by using equipment only for cooked products and another for raw products.


Holding temperatures is one of the most common food-borne outbreak. This happens because of not temping the food correctly. Temp the food and ensure it meets the temperature.


Serving can be dangerous when handling food incorrectly. This is because of personal hygiene. Make sure you wash your hands every time you enter the kitchen.


Chilling food is a process that needs you to be cautious. This deals with handling temperature. Temp the food to ensure it meets the requirements.


Reheating food is something you also need to be cautious since it deals with temperature.

Temp the food to ensure it meets the requirements.