K-Kids Update

May 2016


Finally, a long overdue update! I'm including some pictures and information from our last two meetings.

Please read the whole update! I'm including some very important information regarding our last meeting next week which is Tuesday, May 17th.

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This picture makes me happy! Students had such a fun time when Ziva and Izzie visited us from Therapaws of Michigan. K-Kids learned about the difference between service dogs and therapy dogs. Students also made tennis ball rope toys that were delivered to the Huron Valley Humane Society. As you can see, they loved (students and dogs) LOVED the hands-on experience!
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Klager Clean Up!

At our 5/3 meeting, students pitched in and helped clean up the front of Klager Elementary. Some students walked around in teams and picked up garbage, some students helped weed the front beds of landscape, and some students helped rake those pesky pine needles. Their efforts were very much appreciated!
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Our Last Meeting

Two major things that we'll need help with for our last meeting:

1. Auction

Students have been earning K-Kids Kash as rewards for attendance, wearing their shirts, helping out, memorizing the pledge, etc. We are going to have an auction for students to "purchase" items with their cash. Kiwanis has some things to put in the auction. If you have any items at home to donate (they do not have to be new) that would be of interest to students, please send them in so we can put them in the auction. It could be anything, from gadgets, toys, sports cards, sticky notes, stationary, gifts that your children received but don't use, etc. I always have to remind myself..."what is one man's junk, is another man's treasure". Any donation would be greatly appreciated!

2. Banquet Snacks/Treats

After our auction, we would like to have a small buffet of snacks and treats. I'm thinking that dividing it up by last name for snack (fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese, etc), dessert, and drinks is the best way to do it without a sign up sheet.

Child's Last Name Initials:

A-C: Bring a snack food item

D-M: Bring a dessert item

P-W: Bring a drink item

We have 31 kids so one person doesn't need to bring a ton. Keep it simple...something your child can bring to school in a bag or something. Ideas: a box of crackers/goldfish, a bag of popcorn/pretzels, a package of cookies, a 2 liter of juice. If what your child brings needs to be refrigerated, have them bring it to me in the morning and I can put it in the fridge in the lounge. I'll bring cups, plates, and napkins.

If your family is super busy or if finances don't allow for extras, please do not feel burdened by one more thing. We'll make sure we have enough of everything for the kiddos!

Walking Field Trip

We are going to try to schedule one more meeting before school is out which will be a walking field trip to MMS. We'd like to hold a joint meeting with the Builder's Club so K-Kids can meet the current Builder's Club members and grow interest for them to join Builder's Club as middle school students.

A date is yet to be determined. I will update as soon as I know. We will need to send home permission slips as well.