Make Their Day

an organization dedicated to teacher well being

Teacher Nowadays are Overworked

Many educators' days begin early and end late. In addition to working at school, they also have to grade papers, make assignments, and manage their personal life. The task of grading assignments, making lessons, and giving lectures can amount to a great deal of stress. Are organization is dedicated to brightening educators days' by gifting them small presents, because in life its the small things that count.

Donating: Giving Back

Our donations will consist of a variety of gratuities that will brighten a teacher's day. These parcels may accommodate small items such as store-bought chocolates and school supplies. In terms of executing our organization, we will anonymously drop off our offerings at the doors of the teachers. We will then proceed to observe the reaction of the teacher when they discover a wrapped present at their door!
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Plan Of Action

We will be working with the KCBY production team to have a segment filmed dedicated to the teachers. We will anonymously be delivering presents to a select group of teachers and will be filming their reaction. The project is to give back to those who do an outstanding job for us, the students. KCBY is the news broadcast at CHS and has been recognizing certain teachers for a long time.

History Of KCBY

Eversince 2011, the KCBY has been the student backbone media of the famous Coppell Highschool. KCBY features many fun events that happen in the school. It is very entertaining to watch and you should check it out!